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Fred’s Wedding Proposal – A night to Remember

September 6, 2015

You’ve probably read already my story with Fred here and as mentioned, ours is a common story. We’re not each other’s first love actually, but we surely are each other’s last. Everything started to fall in it’s place. With God’s guidance, Fred popped the question I have been waiting for.

Dated December 19, 2010, it was our company’s Christmas Party, in the middle of the event, Fred proposed. One of our office mates was able to shoot a video but no one can hear Fred’s voice because people started shouting and all.

Just like in the movies, he asked the same question what most guys in the wedding proposal scenes would ask, “Will you marry me?”. Of course I said yes, I saw it coming anyway, hahaha! I was just not expecting he can do it in front of many people, I was imagining of a private and intimate proposal. But he did it and I’m just so proud of him for overcoming his shyness for me.


Here are some of our photos:

My Bestfriend Jem tried to stop Fred, haha! Just joking, I think he's trying to give Fred a mic that time.
My Bestfriend Jem tried to stop Fred, haha! Just joking, I think he’s trying to give Fred a mic that time.


proposal 3


Yes, Yes and Yes!
Yes, Yes and Yes!


It's official, we're engaged.
It’s official, we’re engaged.


It was indeed a night to remember. Our hearts were ready and so were our pockets, so why wait longer right?

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  • Dannea October 4, 2015 at 12:36 pm

    Wow, I missed this jud coz did not attend the party hehe. Oh well, still a beautiful story Han. And love your long, jet black hair. More power to you and Fred! ^_^

    • Hannah Iway October 4, 2015 at 12:42 pm

      Thanks Dan! I really miss that hair but I can’t afford for it na, hahaha! Also, mommy duties will just force me to tie my hair.