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Salute to all Teachers

October 4, 2015

As we celebrate World Teacher’s Day tomorrow, I am writing this post to show my appreciation for our beloved teachers. We really can’t deny their impact in our lives, in our society and to the world as a whole. They help us acquire knowledge, guide us to grow and inspire to succeed.

teacher as inspiration quotes

You see, my mother is a teacher and my mother-in-law is a retired teacher. No wonder Fred and I are not used in breaking rules (I don’t think our parents will agree on this one though, haha!). But seriously, as a daughter of a teacher, I know how hard their responsibilities are.

It is not just about going  early to school, following rules of the society, just to be a role model to students.

It is not just about using their voices for the whole day (shout if needed, sometimes ignoring cough and other illnesses) just to educate and discipline students.

It is not just about sacrificing their weekends sometimes (instead of bonding with their families) just to finish preparing lesson plans, creating exams, checking papers and calculating grades.

All these are just few of their responsibilities their job require them to do, all are vital to society and future generations. For me, the most impressive thing they do is the fact that everyday, they leave their own kids and families just to ‘mother’ many students. I use the word ‘mother’ because they don’t just teach, they care for their students as well. They try their best to get to know each of their students, understand each of them and adjust their way of teaching if they have to just to reach the goals every end of school year.

So I have nothing bad to say for them. All I have is great RESPECT. As a salute to all of them, I created quotes which you can send or share to your favorite and beloved teachers!

quotes for teachers


success and teachers

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