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BeautyMNL Review – My Online Shopping Experience

January 27, 2017
BeautyMNL Review

Pregnancy is always a blessing, especially to me and Fred who really prayed and waited for the time we would be given a second baby. And thanks to God, we’re now a family of four. And yes I am happy! However, there’s a part of me that’s not quite happy ever since I saw that second line in the pregnancy test – my skin.

During pregnancy and even months after I delivered, I was always too tired or too busy to apply make-up on my face or even use lotion for my skin. I even did not notice that my make-up kit already needed an update or upgrade, perhaps. I can’t blame myself, being a WAHM with no yaya is really tough. However, that old self of mine – the always haggard-looking mother, I already bid goodbye to her last new year’s day.

One of my new year’s resolutions for this year is to really find time or at least make an effort to take care of myself and do some self-pampering every now and then. That includes applying make-up (kahit light lang) when I’m out and about. And yes, shopping for beauty products is a must for me. Fred is always my number 1 supporter and he even convinced me to start eyeing for new brands to try.


Perfect Timing

When BeautyMNL sent me an email, informing me that I was handpicked to do a test run to their site, I could say that the timing was just so perfect. Without second thoughts, I replied YES and started checking their site

I registered first so I can easily save to the shopping cart my chosen products. It was very easy and quick and what surprised me were the last three needed details (see below). For me, it’s already a plus because they wanted to know more about their clients rather than just asking for the usual stuff.



Beauty Products I Ordered

There were only two products that I was looking for – eye shadow set and cheek tint but believe me, it took me hours of browsing their site before I was able to finalize my order. Why? Because they have too many products, from more than 300 brands, and it was heaven! So for those first time shoppers of BeautyMNL like me, beware mommies and ladies, be prepared to be blown away. You’ll surely love browsing all their products.

One of the things I love about the site was the details provided for each product. Working as an SEO Analyst for many years, I’ve seen so many E-commerce websites which only provide product images and with very short textual content for users. But with BeautyMNL, there’s nothing that they’ve missed. They’ve got product descriptions, honest reviews from product users and product specifications. So even though I’m not a beauty addict, that I’m not familiar with most of the brands, still I was fully guided and informed, helping me with my choices.


After hours of browsing in delight, I’ve chosen these products:

For the payment, you can pay through Paypal, bank deposit or cash on delivery. No-hassle right? Take note that they don’t deliver on weekends which I honestly don’t mind because I’m used to waiting for 3, 5 or even 7 days every time I order online. For this purchase, I ordered on a Friday and I received the products on Wednesday of the following week which is not bad actually, given that they processed my order on Monday.


My BeautyMNL Haul

And finally, my package arrived, ta-da!


beautymnl order


My most favorite of course is the eye shadow.

nyx wicked dreams eye shadow beautymnl order

nyx wicked dreams eye shadow beautymnl order

I have used the products already but I intended to apply them lightly.

beautymnl apply makeup

BeautyMNL’s Bloom and ‘Beauty by You’

Like I said, I’m not a make-up addict and I honestly have so many things to learn. Good thing BeautyMNL has an in-house magazine Bloom where I can read daily beauty tips. So far, my favorite article is “How to Give Yourself a Makeover in 1 Minute“. Learned a lot from the tips, very helpful especially for busy moms like me. Definitely the ‘LA Colors tinted and lips’ that I ordered will be very handy.

Overall, I had a very good shopping experience and I will certainly order again. Currently, I’m loving their review section Beauty By You as it gives me an idea whether a product is loved by many or if it is worth my money. As a frugal mom, my favorite spot is their Best Bargain portion.

beautymnl beauty by you

So should I recommend to my friends? Yes, definitely!

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