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My Blogging Story and The Place That I Call Home

February 28, 2018
Featured - Cebu Bloggers Society

Hannah who? Iway what? I’m not one of Cebu’s famous bloggers but I write, feature products and places (mostly not sponsored) and force myself to stay awake even late at night just to blog, with my snoring husband and kids in the background. Damn! It’s hard to maintain doing something for years which isn’t enough to pay my bills and yet consumes too much of my time. But whenever I’m down and too tired of all this blogger drama, I go back to the main reasons why I blog in the first place:

cebu mommy blogger hannah iway


1. I Love to Share 

I’m no writer but I love to share information and tips. I did have training and joined writing competitions though when I was in elementary and high school. I was more willing to improve my writing skills back then but I forgot all about it when I was in college. God! I took up BS Statistics complement with theoretical Math subjects, I can’t blame myself why I got obsessed with numbers and math symbols rather than reading novels and journal writing. But years after graduation, I tried again the things I previously loved, including writing. I have my stories and tips to share and for me, that’s all that matters for now.

2. I Love to Help

I lost count already how many people have sent me messages, thanking me for my articles and asking for more information about what I share on my blog. From couples who are researching for prenup photography venues to mothers looking for more party tips, I’m glad this blog has helped them and I am more than happy to answer their queries.

3. I Need My Blog to Support my Chosen Career

Blogging might be a career for many bloggers out there (how lucky those who are earning huge!!) but not to me. I’m an SEO specialist for 10 years and counting, the internet world is changing constantly so I and my husband (also an SEO specialist and Web Developer) definitely need a place where we can apply and test our new learnings, thus the existence of

4. Experience New Things

Being a work-at-home mom (WAHM) is a blessing but one of the things I missed when I was still working in an office is the unplanned night outs/dinner dates with friends and husband. But being a blogger has opened so many opportunities for me. I was able to attend some events last year and each one gave me a different perspective of how I should go out there, representing my blog as a brand. Who would have thought that a WAHM like me is now working with trusted brands in the market and be one of their influencers? To travel for free and meet inspiring people in the blogging and business industry are all amazing perks but my most favorite is knowing that there are people who trust in me, those who give me reasons to break out of my comfort zone and experience new things every now and then.

4. Meet New People 

I’m an introvert, people close to me call me a killjoy, etc. But ‘No Man is an Island’ they say and I agree. I need to see other adults who share my interests and passion. I need to have a tribe. And this is why I joined Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS) 2.5 years ago. To be honest, there came a point I decided to quit my membership in this organization because I couldn’t attend most events and I don’t know most of the members. I considered myself inactive for 2016 due to pregnancy. It was only last year that I was able to attend few events and thankfully, I did meet good people. Those few moments with just some of the members were enough for me to stay. Besides, I did not join for the events. I realized I needed a place that I can call HOME in my blogging world. A home that’s been around for a decade, led by reputable bloggers in their specific niche, guiding us all the members. So thank you so much CBS Family!

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This 2018, I don’t think I can be more active than last year as my kids don’t have a nanny anymore. This is why for the first 2 months of this year, I still haven’t joined in any events (mostly scheduled on weekdays). So when I learned about Cebu Bloggers Society’s 10th year anniversary celebration, happening this March 3, Saturday, there’s no reason for me not to attend. I can’t wait to spend time with the rest of Cebu bloggers again, this time wearing our gowns and suits.


The Cebu Bloggers Society 10th Anniversary Gala Night is co-presented by Cebu Parklane International Hotel, our official venue partner, AirAsia, our official airline partner, SkyWaterpark Cebu, our official waterpark partner, and Oppo, our official smartphone partner. Have some cravings? You can now order your food and groceries online with Just download the app and have them delivered at your doorstep.

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