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February 21, 2018
Cat Cafe Cebu - featured

When I was in high school (1st year I think), I had a white cat, my first ever pet which I named Charlie. He stayed with me for few months only because he died from an accident. I was really heartbroken that I promise myself not to get attached to a pet ever again. Years passed and no cat has ever lived in our home. We had dogs before but only my father really took care of them. Even at present, my mother-in-law is the one caring for our one and only dog.

I forgot about Charlie already until one day, Louise was asking for cats. Of course, she got the idea from Youtube. Her favorite vlogger just had a white cat for Christmas. When I shared with her my story about Charlie, her desire for a cat just got stronger. But we can’t let her have one for many reasons. She insisted for several days so Fred decided that we go visit the Cat Cafe at SM Seaside’ Sky Park instead of giving her a real cat.

Cat Cafe Cebu


Our visit to Cat Cafe was short. We just had our lunch that time at another restaurant and we went straight to the cafe for refreshment and of course, to grant Louise’s wish. When we entered the cafe, the first thing we noticed was the smell. I couldn’t tell if it was stinky but I’m sure it wasn’t good either. Anyway, since Louise wanted to be with cats, we stayed and ordered.

Below is the Cat Cafe menu, prices are good actually but we only tried their shakes. We didn’t order food so I can’t comment the taste but we loved their shakes, not so sweet. If you have no plans of ordering and just want to see cats, there’s still a fee (I think it was Php50 per person, better ask them to be sure), so might as well order, right?

Cat Cafe Cebu Menu

Cat Cafe Cebu Menu

Cat Cafe Cebu Menu


We were told to read their rules first especially the ones highlighted in red. Please read it, don’t be like us who got excited with all the cats (especially the Persian cats), we didn’t read all the rules so we tried carrying them. And it was a big NO-NO as per the staff.

Cat Cafe Cebu


It was my first time to enter a cat cafe so I don’t know if all of them provides a list of cats’ names. For Cat Cafe, please see below:

Cat Cafe Cebu - Cat names


From the list of cats above, Cotton was in our area, sleeping. I stayed with her (I assume she’s a girl) because she’s white, she reminded me of Charlie.

Cat Cafe Cebu (1)


My daughters loved Cotton as well. Louise though loved watching the cats when we arrived but few minutes after, it seemed she lost interest and wanna play in the nearby playground instead.

Cat Cafe Cebu


You can also bring your cats there since we saw some customers who brought their pets inside. All-in-all, it’s really a nice place to stay if you’re a cat lover. However, for us, we only stayed there for around 30 minutes.  Not because we didn’t like the place, it’s just that kids get bored easily and 30 minutes was just too long for them to play with cats.

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  • Leslie Lidot February 28, 2018 at 4:56 am

    Cutieeeees!! I wish I could visit there sometime. I really adore puppies & cats ♥

    • Hannah Iway February 28, 2018 at 5:18 am

      You should Leslie, you’ll definitely enjoy staying there!