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S&R Open House and the TOP Must-Buy Products for Mommies

July 10, 2018
SNR Open House

Have you heard the news? If you’re not a member yet of S&R then this GOOD News is perfect for you!

S&R Open House

On July 12-15, from 8am-10pm, S&R will have an Open House and SALE! This means NO Membership is needed to go in and shop for discounted products of up to 50% OFF. They will also offer Buy 1 Take 1 promos for some selected items.  If you’re near the following S&R branches then you better save the date and prepare your budget!

1. Cebu
2. Iloilo
3. Davao
4. CDO
5. Imus
6. Nuvali
7. Commonwealth
8. Pampanga
9. Dau

S&R has a wide variety of amazing international products which everyone will enjoy buying but for Moms, especially with young children like me, here are the things you should include in your list during the Open House:


Whether or not you’re into #BentoBaon preparation, S&R has lots of cookies, mini cakes of different flavors, chocolates, and many more which you can’t easily find anywhere at a cheaper price.

S&R Open House

S&R Open House

S&R Open House

S&R Open House



Love staying at hotels? Bring the luxury of hotels to your own bedroom by getting yourself new beddings, comforters and soft pillows! Louise loves hotels that’s why I have been collecting high-quality beddings and pillows recently so every night, she’ll enjoy having a sound and comfortable sleep.

S&R Open House



For most families, this is a weekly task which requires a great amount of detergent and fabric conditioner when monthly consumption is computed. Love using that liquid detergent and your favorite Fabcon (tamang-tama, paubos na Ariel at DOWNY namin)? Then include these products in your list!



If you’re like me who’s trying different brands when it comes to body washes and shampoo for my kids, or if you’re like my husband perhaps who’s sticking to 1 brand of deodorant which is not available to common shops, then you should not miss this open house. For sales like this, what I love is their buy 1 take1 promos of some baby products. I’ve got 2 kids who wash day and night, surely I need to stock more products at home!


5. Treats During Date Night at Home

When the next night out with husband is taking ages to happen, why not purchase some tasty wines, imported chocolates, beer and snacks which are all perfect for movie nights? I don’t know about you but I can’t seem to survive movie nights anymore with husband if I’m not savoring some midnight snacks. And oh, don’t forget bringing home their famous pizzas as well!

S&R Pizza


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