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Date Night at Home? Try Online Bingo and These Other Ideas

December 7, 2017
Date night ideas

Back to the times before married life, Fred and I used to have date nights at least three times a week. Well, that was very easy for us because we worked in the same company, with no other obligations apart from ourselves. When Louise was born, thankfully we still had time at least twice a month for some date nights. But now that we have two adorable little girls, date night is now a family date, more fun but with more stress. Scheduling for that intimate moment together is just so difficult, and I’m sure we’re not alone, agree?

With our current situation, Fred and I only have date nights at home which includes doing the activities together when the kids are already sleeping.  If you’re like us then this article is for you. I’ve gathered the things we’re already fond doing and those that we haven’t tried yet but certainly worth trying:

  • Watch a movie together. I think this is one of most common activities that couples do when stuck at home.
  • Enjoy midnight snack together. I don’t recommend this for couples who are very health conscious or on a strict diet but for me and Fred who are happy with our quite ‘chubby’ body, this really works for both of us.

pizza on bed

  • Talk over a cup of coffee/tea or some bottles of beer/wine. Missing coffee shops or resto bars? I think this option will never be boring if you’re having your favorite drinks.
  • Play Games like Online Bingo or Video Games.  We’ve never tried this one yet but since I find playing bingo as a fun activity, there’s no reason why playing it online won’t be fun especially with a partner. Same thing for video games if you have a Playstation at home. To make it more exciting, I think one can freely challenge the loser, assign him/her do some of the household chores perhaps?

couples playing video games


  • Watch Online Tutorials.  Whether it’s music that you like or technical stuff, turning to Youtube and other online resources can make you both feel productive.
  • Reminisce old special memories with online photo book maker. I stopped printing photos for photo albums when Louise reached 3 months old. Just imagine how many photos I have to scan and pick? I always have no time for this, unless I’ll schedule this during one of our date nights.

Do you have anything to add? Please feel free to comment below.



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