My Birthday Dinner at Cafe Breeze, Bayfront Hotel

September 22, 2015

Ever since I can remember, my birthday has always been one of the most-awaited days for me every year. However, starting from 2012, the year I gave birth, my birthday was becoming more and more like a normal day. The fact that Fred’s birthday comes after mine and our wedding anniversary in between, there’s really no enough budget to throw a party for each date. Hence, we always end up having a simple dinner at home and a thanksgiving prayer for my special day.

However, this year, Fred and I decided to spend a little more and have dinner in a restaurant instead. Of course, I was the one who chose the venue from which I considered the following:

  1. Should be new for us – we have a couple of favorite restaurants but I wanted to try a place we’ve never tried before.
  2. Fancy-looking yet affordable
  3. Delicious food, Happy tummy!

So with the factors above, I ended up booking at Cafe Breeze in Bayfront Hotel. For very affordable buffet price, I found the place really worth a try!

Cafe Breeze Buffet Price


It was dinner time when we went there with family and some closest friends and thankfully, it was not a crowded place. Upon entering, you can directly see the whole interior which is quite impressive.

Cafe Breeze Interior


And the food? Delicious! They have scheduled buffet cycles consisting of different sets of food. That time, we had cycle 2 (Photo below taken from

Photo taken from


Family Dinner at cafe Breeze


They also have very accommodating staff. Look how they sang ‘Happy Birthday’ with a cute cake!


Sweets from Cafe Breeze


Here’s the surprising part. I made the payment already and when the waiter handed me the receipt, he asked if I have availed their promo. To my amazement, they offer free buffet for birthday celebrants. I said I was not aware of it and I paid already. The kind waiter took the receipt and have it adjusted, yehey! All-in-all, restaurant is great, worth-a-try!

Cafe Breeze Promo


Thanks Cafe Breeze for satisfying me on my special day, I was one happy customer indeed!

Cafe Breeze

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