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Our Seven Years of Marriage and Counting

October 23, 2018
Fred and Hannah Iway

Oh! It really feels like yesterday, that wedding we prepared for 10 months, that big day that feels like surreal, it was definitely an answered prayer for me and Fred. But like any other couple, that was just the beginning for both of us…

I made a summary of our 5-year marriage here and for our 7th-year-anniversary celebration together as husband and wife last September, I prepared a video. Married life is definitely not easy; there are too many worries (finances, health, etc.), too many to plan ahead (education, properties, even insurances), and too many considerations and things that are undeniably stressful.

Thankfully, so far, we’re doing great. The ugly moments are not shown in this video but I assure you, like any other families, we have bad times. I believe we can’t control everything but we can pray for guidance and work really really hard to make it work and for us to have many years together, till our hair turns gray. Hope you’ll enjoy our video below:

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