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WAHM and Breastfeeding Mom’s Wishlist from Lazada Online Revolution

November 10, 2016

Few more hours to go and Online Revolution, the biggest online shopping sale in Southeast Asia will finally kick off! It’s a month long celebration of the craziest deals available and it will start on November 11 until December 12 (11-11 to 12-12).  It’s actually the biggest sale this year for Lazada with the participation of more than 12,500 local and international brands and 6,000 merchants.



As a work-at-home mom who spends most of my days only at home while breastfeeding my baby, I now have less needed luxury items that I used to buy when I was still working in office. Gone are the wants for handbags and shoes that I used to collect, now all I want are things that can make my life easier at home and more productive.

As a mom who nurse a baby, top on my list is the one that I need when I’m out and about. My baby no longer wants bottle so breast pumps and breast milk storage are now out of my list. By the way, figures below are the current prices, hopefully they’ll go lower starting tomorrow.

  • Nursing Cover – I need a new set as Louise always plays with the one that I have right now.  She likes playing pretend play and use it as a cape like Queen Elsa’s. Below is now only  693.00 from ₱1,100. Click here to view.



  • Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Baby Rocker – Okay, so this one is for my baby but believe me, I need it as well. Martina wants to be carried or held always which I could not do sometimes as I have errands to take off my list and baby wearing is not an ideal option . From ₱5,500  this baby rocker is now ₱2,499. Click here to view.



  • Executive High Back Office – these chairs will be perfect for me and Fred as both of us are  working at home. The price now for two is ₱10,100 from ₱20,000. Click here to view.



  • Massage Cushion – Neck Back Thigh Shoulder Full Body Massager – oh massage! I can’t even remember the last time I went to a massage spa for some pampering. With my current situation (I can’t go out for long hours without my baby), I think I badly need this at home. From ₱9,999, it’s now ₱5,999. Click here to view.



There you have it folks! If you have already wishlist prepared like me, why not start checking them out at Lazada tomorrow? Have fun shopping!

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