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DEENO-Saur Smart Rechargeable Toothbrush Review

September 1, 2018

Are you having a hard time keeping track of your child’s oral hygiene? Do you need to always remind them to brush their teeth? Not fun isn’t it? I’ve been there, I’m just thankful Louise doesn’t eat candies that’s why her teeth have fewer cavities. She already lost 4 of her baby teeth and all because they loosened up. Now that 2 of her permanent teeth came out, it’s now more important to help her establish a good oral hygiene.

Thankfully, I was contacted to try and review Deeno-Saur Smart Rechargeable Toothbrush. It’s an electric toothbrush which comes with a Bluetooth connectivity and a free interactive app. The Deeno app lets parents track their child’s brushing goals. And here’s the most exciting part, the app has a game itself which rewards kids with in-game credits for effective brushing.

Deeno-saur toothbrush set


Why Children  Love Deeno-saur Toothbrush

  • Fun design – my Louise loves the color and Deeno’s just too cute!
  • Gentle brushing modes – Louise loves the motion, she got scared at first but after a few seconds, she got used to it. She even laughed sometimes because it tickles.
  • Rewards after brushing – Kids earn points after each effective toothbrush. And because of these points, Louise is now the one who reminds me to watch her brush her teeth. Very useful indeed!
  • Interactive Games – At first look, I thought the games are boring and Louise might not like it. Well, I was wrong because she lasted for 1-hour of playing, which means she likes the games. It was weekend so I let her last that long playing.

We’re actually one of the beta testers of the Deeno Brush, supporting them as they started running their kickstart campaign last August.  The goal of the campaign is to raise funds to improve the brush functionality, increase the features on the app and also to support the purchase of more stock to continue selling. With the funds, they will be able to offer improvements with:

  • smaller head for the little children
  • app compatible with tablet devices
  • an interactive coaching feature within the app to teach children while they brush
  • a multitude of new character and games, including achievement badges to keep the children engaged

Hopefully, they will also be able to fix the issues we encountered below with the Deeno App:

  • Not able to sync sometimes, I tried restarting the app, still no lack.
  • Setting up was a bit difficult, as well as during the first time to play the games because there are no instructions or guide given.
  • After brushing (while bluetooth connection was on), my daughter’s 2-minute brushing was not rewarded by Deeno, so it left her a little disappointed. Still, I’m glad she likes the toothbrush and not just because she can earn points.

Deeno Toothbrush App


The Kickstarter campaign started last 28th August and pledge to receive a brush at 60% discount.  To pre-register for this deal, please visit:

The Deeno-saur Toothbrush unboxing was so fun for Louise, check out our video below. She used it like a manual toothbrush at first but after few days of using, she lets the motion of the toothbrush do most of the cleaning job.



Disclosure: We were provided one Deeno-saur toothbrush in exchange for an honest review.

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