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Fred and Hannah From the Beginning

September 6, 2015

There would be no ‘Iway Diaries‘ if there’s no Fred and Hannah from the start so as my first post, let me share to you quickly our ‘where-it-all-began’ story!

Fred and I first met last October 2007, that was the first day of my first job here in Cebu. I wasn’t that friendly that time with boys so I only have taken some guts to speak to him after 3 months. We have a very common love story – we’re office mates, we became friends and then fell in love by 2008. Common right?

fred and hannah - office
Us in the Office


We loved to travel, dine outside and almost every weekend we were like students taking a break after nailing a big exam! May it be strolling in the malls, watch movies or out-of-town travels, we had all the freedom because we’re single! Fred who loves the outdoors even convinced me to try trekking and mountain climbing. We never had one though as we were always too lazy to even plan for one.  Anyway, here are some of the photos taken when we’re still younger and thinner, haha!

fred and hannah in bohol
Our trip to Bohol


Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City
Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City


Us in Davao City
Us in Davao City


Every Friday/Payday Night
Every Friday/Payday Night


So yeah, we were like this for almost 3 years – no obligations, just us and our freedom!

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