Aveen’s Premium Ice Cream in Cebu – Review

September 9, 2017

My birthday has already passed and I had a simple celebration at home. I spent my whole day working and finishing a birthday blog post which is not even ready yet as of this writing. Fred wanted to celebrate and dine outside but we have a vacation coming up so yeah, better stay at home and save as much as we can.

I’m also not used to preparing food at home and invite guests around, etc. Well, I was used to it back when I was younger, at my parents house. But after marriage, nope! I’m just not confident to cook for guests and I’m always too tired to do the cleaning after.

So for my birthday this year, I only cooked pork hamonado for the family, it’s my all-time-favorite thanks to my parents. My mother-in-law and our yaya cooked pansit, of course for long life and to make it a bit exciting, I ordered an ice cream from Aveen’s. Why exciting? They do delivery and Louise had fun waiting and guessing what flavor I ordered.


About Aveen’s Premium Ice Cream

Aveen’s is a brand of homemade ice cream which offers delivery within Cebu. It’s not your usual homemade ice cream though because I tell you, it’s delicious! When we tried it, we noticed that the taste, texture, and appearance were actually similar to some famous brands of ice cream. We ordered their ‘Chocomallows‘ flavor. Amazingly, it wasn’t that sweet which is a good thing especially for those who don’t have a sweet tooth.


Aveen’s Premium Ice Cream Price

  • Php 250 – 1 Liter (see image below of our order)
  • Php 399 – 1.8 Liter
  • Additional Php 50 for the delivery


Delivery Experience

When booking, the delivery time that I specified was 5:30 PM but it arrived at around 7:30. I’m fine with it because like I said, I didn’t have guests and staff from Aveen’s were very proactive. They contacted me starting 5:30, that was to tell me that delivery will be delayed. Next update was about the location of the delivery guy.

If you’ll order for your guests, I highly recommend ordering early and then just place it in your freezer while waiting for dessert time.


Kids on Aveen’s

I received the ice cream wrapped like this. Forgive me if the photos were not that attractive and clear. My kids were very excited to open it!

aveens premium ice cream

aveens premium ice cream2

aveens premium ice cream3


So I tried taking a photo of the ice cream upon opening but with kids around, no luck! My Martina couldn’t get her hands off of it, look at her!

aveens premium ice cream4


I’ll definitely order again as we all loved the taste. I asked Aveen’s if they have smaller serving sizes available but they said only the two that I mentioned above are what they offer. Next time, I’ll maybe try to order their strawberry flavor, so tempting! (Photo from Aveen’s Facebook Page).

aveens premium ice cream - strawberry


Aveen’s Premium Ice Cream Contact Details

Facebook Page:
Mobile Number: 0929 480 7407


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