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Read With Fonics App Review

April 20, 2017
read with fonics image

Oh! How time flies. My baby girl Louise is now growing too fast and is unstoppable achieving her milestones. She just finished Nursery Level 2 and one of the many things she learned was reading with phonics. Honestly, she’s a fast learner and her teacher noticed it as well.

Louise - nursery level 2

Louise loves to read words she’s seeing at home, everywhere actually (when she’s in good mood). So when Sophie Cooper, a teacher and the founder of ‘Read with Fonics’, emailed me to try their reading application, I did not hesitate to said yes.

Sophie Cooper



Read with Fonics app is split into four worlds for children to explore, water world, forest world, lava land and jelly city. The app’s main character, Albee the alien, is always there in the game, supporting children every step of the way, celebrating each correct answer and encouraging them further.


read with fonics 4 worlds


Water World first few levels

read with fonics = water world


Forest World first few levels

read with fonics = forest world


Lava Land first few levels

read with fonics = lava land


Jelly City first few levels

read with fonics = jelly city


When we finished downloading, Louise was ecstatic to try. She started at water world and she recently completed all the levels. Honestly, she was like playing a game in her phone, enjoying while of course learning. Watching her play, it seems like I found her a teacher at home, thanks to Albee!

Few of the activities in each game are:

  • selecting letters with the given sound
  • choosing the missing letter sound of the given word
  • choosing the words that match the picture


What I love in Read with Fonics app:

  • It pronounces each letter sound of each word in the game. It may look repetitive for us but it’s a very good teaching technique for the kids.
  • For every sound that is learnt another sound gets unlocked, encouraging children to keep going, learn at their own pace and in their own time, depending on their level and ability.
  • I just love the fact that the voice of a woman in the app is none other than Sophie herself. This built a trust between me and the app, I feel like Sophie, being a teacher, also teaches my daughter.
  • It makes learning phonics fun and definitely not boring. Trust me, it’s challenging for your kids.
  • It utilizes the 44 sounds of the English language, teaching our kids 1200 words, better than other app.
  • FREE to download!

Honestly, I highly recommend this app for your kids. I’ve seen videos where kids started to learn reading before they’re 3rd birthday and who knows, your kid might be one of them, using this app. I’ll definitely try this for Martina months from now.


For more details about the app, please visit their website at



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