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Maria Communion Dresses – My Ideal Design for My Lovely Girls

November 9, 2016

Last week, as I was checking the photos of my two daughters wearing the tutus I created, I began imagining them as grown ups. Will they still love my creations? How about when it’s time for them to receive the Holy Communion? Definitely a tutu is not appropriate so buying white communion dresses  is the best option for my lovely girls. Just the thought of it made me search for designs online and look what I found, lovely first communion dresses from Maria Communion, so elegant and timeless!



For Louise, since she loves long dresses that would make her look like a princess, this one I think would suit her best.



For my Martina, I know I’ll still wait for years but my heart is already melting as I’m imagining her wearing communion dresses like the one shown below.



What do you think? Aren’t those designs so elegant? I’m so glad Maria Communion ships worldwide, looking forward for their new designs, all ready for my grown-up girls to wear.

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