Christmas Vacation in Parang, Maguindanao

January 9, 2017
Maharlika Bay at Parang, Maguindanao

Parang, as defined by Wikipedia, is a 1st class municipality in the province of Maguindanao. It is a small town where I was born and brought up to be who I am today. Just see how small it is from the image below.

overlooking parang maguindanao

The last time I went home here was 2013 but it was 2008 since I last celebrated Christmas in my parent’s house, that was 8 long years to be exact. I was still single back then. Main reason I don’t usually come home is because of the long hours of travel (4-5 hours) from the airports of Davao City, Pagadian City or Ozamis City. There’s actually an airport in Cotabato City which is only an hour of travel away from Parang but it only accepts airlines bound from NAIA though, none from Cebu or any provinces.

Christmas in Parang has always been very special for me. We did caroling, gift-giving, simple Christmas parties and I even completed simbang-gabi for several years. And for 2016, I’m back, this time with my husband Fred and with my two beautiful daughters.

Christmas 2016 with family

Christmas 2016 with family

Just like any other small towns , living in Parang is very laid-back. One can really rest here and let the days past without thinking much about work, malling, night-out and other things we do in big cities. Basically, I spent my days here by just sleeping, eating, watching TV, breastfeeding and enjoying some family talk, that’s it.

Our vacation lasted for 8 days but it was only on Christmas day that we hit the road and visited  the two famous tourist spots:


  • Golf course in Camp S.K Pendatun

PNP PRO-ARMM’s website defines the camp as one of the cleanest, greenest and most beautiful camp nationwide. The golf course inside the camp is considered as one of the Best Public Golf Courses in the archipelago and the cheapest, too.  I grew up always seeing this place because we just live nearby. The camp’s area was so huge that it even has a kindergarten where I graduated and a chapel where we hear mass even at present for the Misa de Gallo.


pro-armm golf course


  • Maharlika Bay View 

The spot where you can see the Maharlika Bay View is also inside the area of Camp S.K Pendatun. Before, it was just a grassy vacant lot on the side of the road but recently, it has been improved into something so inviting and well, ‘instagrammable’. Below it was, of course, a beach (black sand though). If you don’t have a car, you really need to unleash your outdoor drive for some hiking experience just to reach the beach.

Maharlika Bay at Parang, MaguindanaoMaharlika Bay at Parang, Maguindanao


Parang still has other tourist spots but I no longer had time to see them myself. Hopefully, in my next visit, the blogger in me will have the energy and time to explore the place.

Oh and by the way, don’t expect to see fast food chains and restaurants here to feed your hungry tummy. You really need to cook here. There’s a Minute Burger though that will do just fine if you’re looking for something affordable, tasty and heavy.


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