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On Finding the Perfect Sleep Partner – “The ONE” and Only Uratex Foam

July 31, 2018
Matteo and Uratex

As a mom who juggles multiple roles every day, one of the things I look forward to after a very long day is a good night sleep. Not only mothers, actually all members of the family, even my kids want to have beds and pillows like the ones in hotels daw. So when I learned about Uratex event to be held at SM City Cebu on July 22, I gladly attended for me to see their new products and offers, and of course, to meet their first celebrity endorser. He’s no other than Matteo Guidicelli.

Matteo the one for Uratex


As a triathlete, karting driver, singer, restaurateur and actor, Matteo is the busiest he has ever been. One thing that he needs is a good night sleep.  “I think sleep is one of the important things in life. People underestimate the importance of sleep because people are hard-working, they just go and go. They think sleeping for one or two hours or one night can make bawi for the loss of sleep for a whole week. I don’t think that’s true,” says Matteo.

Matteo enjoys the comforts of the mattress he has slept on since he was a child—Uratex, the country’s industry leader in manufacturing quality foams and mattresses that help everyone sleep better. “Since I was a kid, I’ve seen the Uratex logo everywhere. I remember especially when we had a beach house in Bugo in my province of Cebu, those were the mattresses we used. We had one whole room and the cousins would bring out the single mattresses,” Matteo recalls.


The One for Uratex

Incidentally, those childhood mattresses are similar to the ones Matteo will be headlining as “The One” for Uratex.

This campaign is about better sleep, the value of sleep and how Uratex can be your right partner. It’s also the first time we are using a celebrity endorser in a TV commercial,” explains Peachy Medina, Uratex Managing Director.

Matteo and Uratex


About the Launch

The event was indeed a success, it made Guidicelli’s introduction and launch more memorable because Cebu City is his hometown. Fans and part of the media watched the special preview of his TV commercial with Uratex, we witnessed him sing, many even won Uratex products and of course, our most favorite part – selfie + meet and greet with him.


Our home is still far from completion, our bedroom’s not perfect yet but we’re gradually working on it. From pillows to mattresses and sofa beds, Uratex brand is definitely top on our list once we start shopping for our #homegoals.


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