Pacific Cebu Resort – Day Use with Family on Mother’s Day

June 3, 2018
Pacific Cebu resort

I can’t believe it’s June already! Right now, I’m already planning what to do this coming Father’s day. Fred doesn’t want to go out for a celebration, he just wanted to stay at home and sleep, without interruptions (haha when you’re married and with kids, I don’t think this is possible!!!).

Anyway, let’s talk about how we celebrated Mother’s day. I got very busy last month that I lacked time to book in advance a hotel or resort room for supposedly another staycation experience. We ended celebrating at Pacific Cebu Resort in Lapu-Lapu City. 

pacific cebu resort - mothers day


We availed their Day-use package for the price of Php900 per person, less 50% for Louise. Because it’s a weekend, the price included the following:

  • Complimentary Lunch Buffet at La Terraza Restaurant (Php500 consumable for weekdays)
  • Free entrance fee at the resort and use of Swimming facilities

Pacific Cebu Resort


After paying, we were guided to our area. Don’t worry, they have some shades, it’s windy as well so I guess the only time you need to worry is when it’s raining but I’m confident they’ll provide something for you if that happens.

The main reason we chose to be here was because of the nice photos I saw online. Also, we were looking for some green background (thus, with grass and trees) for Martina’s pre-birthday photoshoot and Pacific Cebu Resort has these features, for FREE. Originally, we considered a garden hotel here in Cebu City but I was told we needed to pay an additional amount for the pictorial in their garden.

pre-birthday photoshoot2

pre-birthday photoshoot


So here’s our Pacific Cebu Resort Review:

  • Friendly and accommodating staff
  • Food – TASTY! No comment, we were satisfied and full. Just be there in the restaurant before 12 noon so you won’t be the last in line. Some foods were not refilled instantly so you might miss some of them if you’re late.
  • Pools – quite disappointing because the three pools which are allowed for day-use guests were not impressive. I mean, nothing special, their pool bar looked so old and water in the afternoon felt like we were in a hot spring, worst, it’s not a flowing water (can’t say it’s clean). Kid’s pool was quite wide and I loved its depth, our toddler Martina had so much fun as she felt like swimming but all she actually did was walking on the floor. But then again, nothing special, no other pool features for kids to enjoy. The 3rd pool was the diving pool, it was the only pool with shade from trees so it was cold there but quite crowded.
  • Beach – I think all you can do with their beach is take a photo (nice for Instagrammers)! SADLY, I wasn’t even able to touch the water! I was hoping I could enjoy swimming there, expecting some waves and all but it LOOKED LIKE A LAKE! I waited noon and afternoon for the hope that the water would improve but no chance, here’s what I saw in the afternoon! So I was again disappointed!

pacific cebu resort beach


  • Environment – RELAXING, NOT CROWDED. For those who just want to relax at the beach, this place is still worth it. If you’re into adventure, they offer other activities like diving lesson as well.

Pacific Cebu Resort with kids


We were able to take some videos with their kid’s pool, please watch below:




Our Verdict:

  • Are we going to go back to this resort? YES if we’re looking for a place to unwind: less crowded with good seaview, to smell fresh air while enjoying great food. We might even try their rooms if they’ll have promos and maybe we’ll just stay in the kids pool. If they have a bathtub in their rooms, it would be nice as well.
  • Should we recommend this resort to friends and other people? DEPENDS. It’s a YES if you’re like us who can have fun at the kids pool or even playing sand at the beach, etc. It’s a NO if you’re looking for a place where you can swim and have fun in the water.

Please note though that they have a beachside infinity pool which we haven’t tried because we were not allowed (maybe available only for members? Not sure so please ask in the resort). So if you have access to their infinity pool, I think the place is still perfect.



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