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3 Websites To Help Your Child Learn How to Type

July 19, 2018

Some time ago, typing was a reserved skill. At present though, in order to survive any career, you need to do some fundamentals. For example, whether you are a lawyer or a marketing manager, you need to prepare your own documents and in a way that it doesn’t eat up much of the working time. And even kids in school, they have access to computers to help them with their lessons. This is where the typing skill comes in handy.

child learning to type

Web developers have taken this opportunity to provide a new, versatile and fun environment to the younger generation, where the kids typing can experiment with various themes and prevent any bad habits forming at an early age. To save your time researching for resources, we have provided you below the three best websites where your kids can learn or enhance their typing skills.

BBC Dance Mat Typing game is a flash-based website but you can also use a non-flash version if you have issues. It begins by making your child pinpoint the key points F and J and gives them a reason for correct finger positioning. Tips are also given throughout the game for the correct hand movements. Your child will come across  4 levels, each with 3 stages in it. There are animals that will guide and motivate your child till the end of the game. A fun tune will play every time your kid passes a level. The best thing about this flash game is that it can be downloaded and thus played offline. There are printable challenging tasks that will keep your kid busy in a productive manner in his spare time. A few hours away from computer screen will also do him good!

Dance Mat Typing  – the great thing about this website is that it has a section for adults as well. Sometimes some people learn the basics a little later in their life but it’s never too late to learn new things, right? This site is highly recommended if your child wants to enhance his/her existing typing skill, specifically to achieve a higher number of words per minute. Most games consist of typing in specific letters when asked to. They are similar to Dance Mat Typing. It is said that playing video games which have an amazing skill at disposal increases creativity and enhances time management skill when it comes to typing. offers an extensive variety of various flash typing games that will have your kid spending his time efficiently. Games like Space Invader are amongst the favourite here. The games are almost the same as the BBC ones but also cater to growing kids to better hold their attention. You can also get a certificate printed out for your kid when they complete a game successfully.

Having the typing skills is common today and expected of everyone. Making sure your kid has it will save him from future troubles and save up a lot of his professional time. Administration and IT jobs especially look for good typist candidates along with fluency in computing skills. So give your kid a little boost of confidence and play with them in their happy hour!

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