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Novuhair for Hair Loss – Now in Available in Trial Bottle

October 19, 2019
novuhair travel pack

I’ve known my father as someone who isn’t gifted with thick hair. He experienced hair loss at a young age and when he reached senior years, we just accepted the fact that he’s going to be bald sooner than we think. He didn’t try any treatment for hair loss because it’s an issue that he just accepted early on.

The other month, I was given an opportunity to try Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion which is now available in 120ml Trial bottle. All I could think of was how it can help my father and he gladly said yes when I mentioned him about it. This was his hair before using the product:



When my father was visiting us for a week, I let him try Novuhair scalp lotion for the first time. One thing we noticed, it was watery, not having similar consistency with the other lotion. Next was its odor. It’s a bottle packed with natural ingredients and herbal extracts so we understand why it has a bit of strong smell.

I sprayed it directly onto the spots where there were few hair strands left and I did a massage. It was night time so the smell didn’t concern him much. The color of the watery lotion is dark brown, we used dark-colored pillowcase just in case it might cause a stain. After shower in the morning, we tried it again, we were amazed that the smell’s gone after around 15 minutes.

My father continuously used it for a month even when he went home already in our province in Mindanao. And here’s the improvement so far:

He loves using the product, especially when he started seeing changes. Even I and my siblings were impressed. He said he will continuously use it, he even asked for the current price and said that it’s worth it.


The new trial bottle Novuhair Topical scalp lotion (120 ml, compared to the original which is 200 ml) is indeed beneficial for those who need to use it while travelling and for those who wanted to buy it for a trial. When father went home to Mindanao, it was very convenient for him as it can easily be placed in handbags.

Even with its smaller size, the new product still contains the unique combination of 19 natural ingredients and essential oils formulated to stop hair loss. It’s indeed a very effective product, clinically proven safe and effective, produced in accordance to the highest quality specifications of the industry, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered, certified Halal by the Islamic Da’wah Council of the Philippines, Inc. (IDCP) and 100% compliant to the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive (ACD).

The new trial bottle Novuhair Topical scalp lotion is available in Rose Pharmacy in Cebu & neighboring provinces starting this month. For more details, visit

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