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Quarantine Birthdays – How We Spent Them

October 20, 2020

For our family of four, we’re all done celebrating our birthdays and basically, we’re just waiting for Christmas this year. Well, there’s Halloween for the kids but we all know it’s really not a celebration here in the Philippines.

So how did we spend our birthdays?
Now is not the time for parties. Whether you like it or not, PARTIES OUT, SIMPLE CELEBRATION is IN! For many of us, we have no choice but to embrace the celebrations in isolation. For each of our birthday, we just made sure of the following items:
1. A few party decorations (around Php1500 for all 4 birthdays, we still have remaining balloons that we can use for Christmas and New Year).
2. Birthday Cake (around Php1000 for themed cakes, not fondant)
3. Food for around 10 persons (we ordered everything using GrabFood app, average budget is Php2500)

Php4000 as an average budget is not bad, we were satisfied with the food, kids having a blast, and we’re all safe. Check out our photos below:

Our birthday cakes, for many years now, we ordered them from our favorite cake shop here in Cebu City – Cakes and Memories.

We miss going out, we miss celebrating out but what can we do, it’s just not safe these days. How about you, how are you celebrating your family’s birthdays this year?

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