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June 20, 2017

Oh staycation! Regardless of the season, it’s our most favorite family bonding.

Ever since Louise was born, Fred and I somewhat dislike long hours of travel. We’re even no longer fond of nature tripping because I can’t imagine dealing our kid’s tantrums in the middle of nowhere. So to unwind, recharge and strengthen family bonding, we always prefer hotel or resort staycations which are just minutes or an hour away from home.

On the day of Martina’s first birthday, we continued the celebration (we had her birthday party the day before the exact date) at Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark located  in the island of Mactan, Cebu.

Jpark main building

It’s a five-star hotel and honestly, we’re hesitant at first because of the price but when we got there, we’re convinced that the place is indeed worth our money. Here’s why:

1. Spacious Room Accommodation

Ours was Mactan suite, perfect for family as it has a living room and a mini pantry. Honestly, even if we had a deluxe room, it would still be enough for us because of the space. Also, each room has a balcony where we enjoyed the view and of course, taking photos.







Everytime we stay in a hotel, next to bed, Louise would then check the bathroom if it has a bathtub. She really enjoys taking a bath inside the tub, thanks to the influence of her favorite famous Youtubers. And Jpark certainly did not disappoint her, just look at what we had in our room (see photo below).



2. JPark Island’s Exciting Water Slides

Some Mommies and big kids might love trying Jpark’s water slides for experience but it’s undeniably one of the resort’s features that Daddies, Uncles and even Lolos don’t want to miss. The resort has 3 water slides, probably Cebu’s best, and Fred tried 2 of them. He got a little scared I’m sure, haha!

a. Open Body Slide – It’s the white colored one that’s around 120 meters in length (Weight limit: 120 kgs).
b. Tube Slide – It’s the green colored one that’s around 156 meters in length. It’s their longest slide and according to Fred, it’s the most challenging one especially if you’re Claustrophobic (Weight limit: 110 kgs).
c. Space Bowl – Fred said he felt like he was flushed in the toilet bowl in this red and white slide. It’s just around 48 meters in length but its spiraling feature gives so much thrill (Weight limit: 90 kgs).



3. Jpark Island’s Restaurants and Bars 

Whatever delicacy you’re craving for, you can find it at Jpark because they have 7 restaurants and bars to choose from, pick your choice!

  • The Abalone Restaurant – it has 4 food stations: Japanese, Western, Oriental and desserts.
  • Olive Restaurant – features Asian and Mediterranean Cuisine.
  • Chang Hai Chinese Restaurant – serving the finest Chinese cuisine.
  • Maru Korean Restaurant – serving popular Korean dishes.
  • Coral Seaside Restaurant – serving seafood delicacies plus enjoy a breathtaking ocean view.
  • Aqus Pool and Aqus Island Bar – the place to savor light snacks, drinks and cocktails while enjoying the pool water.
  • Jlounge (see image below) – their lobby lounge serving light to heavy snacks as well as coffee and tea.

jlounge - Jpark


We had our breakfast at The Abalone, all were very tasty!



4. Instagram-Worthy Spots

We didn’t bring our DSLR that time but surely, if we’re quite good photographers, we could have think of better concepts or poses even just using a phone. Jpark’s Island has lots of perfect spots where you can snap photos and share on your social media accounts. See some of our photos, kids were a bit tired to smile though, haha!






5. FUN Place for Kids

One thing we noticed during our stay there was that almost all guests, foreigners or locals, were there with their families, mostly with kids. Why? Seriously, Jpark Island is not your ordinary resort and waterpark. The Island Pool itself is already very impressive but  it’s just one of their 5 pools.

Jpark Island Pool


The resort also has a playground and a playroom.

Jpark children's playground

Jpark Playroom

There are lots of reasons why kids will love Jpark which I all shared here.

Honestly, Jpark is also a fun place for those who love spas, love to party, try recreational activities and even gambling because it also gives access to the following:

  • Club Ami – bar for entertainment, drinks and even karaoke
  • The Palace Casino
  • Cara Spa
  • Dolgorae Marine Shop – offers marine sports such as wakeboarding, jetski, banana boat, scuba diving and more.
  • Amigos for daily entertainment activities

There you have it, I hope this article gives you helpful ideas for your Jpark staycation. As for the tips? Just go there and enjoy! Trust me, an overnight stay is quite not enough to fully enjoy all of what the resort is currently offering!


Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark Contact Details
Telephone no: Cebu Office +6332.494.5000 ; Manila Office +632 755 8484
Facebook Page:


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