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Barlico – My New Coffee Substitute

November 5, 2017

Most people can’t start their day right without coffee. In my case though, it’s the opposite – a cup of coffee can give me some allergic reactions such as heart palpitations, sometimes, even headache.  I belong to the group who can only enjoy coffee through sniffing. I love the smell of it, it reminds me many things of my childhood.

I did drink coffee before, many times. But the heart palpitation that I experienced after finishing a cup had gotten worst when I was in my early 20’s. These days, when I’m in a coffee shop, I always end up ordering their decaf drinks. When I’m at home though, I had no choice but to have a choco drink or milk, yeah like a kid!

Last month, I got the chance to know about a new coffee substitute in the country  – BARLICO. The fact that it’s a caffeine-free coffee, given my situation, it certainly is a must-try product. Below are some of the important facts:

  • healthy and caffeine-free coffee alternative brand popular in the Middle East and Egypt
  • made of barley and chicory (barley – a major cereal grain and chicory – a close relative of lettuce and cabbage; both have good health benefits).
  • 100% caffeine-free and made from all-natural ingredients

Barlico has four flavors:

  • Barley and Chicory Instant Coffee Substitute
  • 3-in-1 : Barley and chicory + Non Dairy Creamer & Sugar
  • Cappuccino: Barley and Chicory Coffee Substitute + Foam Creamer
  • Barley and Chicory Instant Hot Chocolate

barlico products

Barlico coffee flavors


My Take On Barlico

It’s been 2 weeks now that I’m drinking Barlico daily for my breakfast and so far, no instances of heart palpitation which is good news for me!

breakfast with barlico


As for my milk supply, I don’t pump so I only based my observation on the let-down that I have every feeding. Honestly, my Martina is now 17 months, I no longer feel a strong letdown but lately, I’m feeling it and I even had it twice on my left breast (the bigger one because Martina favors my left breast more). I guess it’s because of the Barlico.

As for the taste, all flavors taste great but since I have a sweet tooth, I always add 1 tsp. of sugar. If I have to choose flavors though, I’ll have the 3-in-1 and the instant coffee (mixing it with milk), probably because they taste like coffee which what I’m looking for in the first place.

Barlico - coffee substitute

So, should I recommend Barlico to coffee-sensitive people and pregnant/breastfeeding mommies? My answer is a big YES!

Thankfully, Barlico is already available here in Cebu. You can buy it at Colonade Supermarket in Mandaue and in Colon at a very affordable price per sachet (not per box). For more details about Barlico, you can visit their website at

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