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What to Pack For Your Hospital Bag – Preparing for Delivery

July 2, 2016
hospital bag essentials

OK, so this post is a little late for me because I already delivered my baby and even shared my birth story here. However, if you’re pregnant and you landed here, then I guess you’re like me who likes to do research about pregnancy and baby stuff.

Every pregnant woman knows how painful labor and childbirth are. The funny thing though is we’re all excited to feel and face it. In my case, as early as 34 weeks, we already prepared all our stuff for the hospital. Who could blame me anyway, I’m carrying my baby for nine months, the weight is no joke and I just can’t be pregnant forever!

So back to hospital bag preparation, there are many guides you can find online but some are just not applicable. I mean if all is well, you and your baby will only stay in the hospital for up to 2-3 days so there’s no need to pack your whole wardrobe. When I delivered Louise 4 years ago, I forgot some of the important things but we’re lucky because we just live nearby and Fred was able to get those in less than an hour. However, if you live far from your chosen hospital, then you really need to make sure you have all the important stuff inside your bag. As a guide, here’s my list that might be applicable for you:

hospital bag essentials


Hope it helps. Good luck and have a safe delivery Mommy!


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