Trick or Treat Event in Malls – What to Expect

November 4, 2016

I know that Halloween is over but I still decided to share our experience last weekend as this might be helpful to some of you. So anyway, how was your Halloween? Did your kids have lots of fun and sweets? My Louise had fun but no luck on getting candies and sweets. Here’s why.

For this year, we decided to participate in trick or treat event sponsored by a mall, SM Seaside City Cebu particularly. It was our first time and we had experienced both good and the not-so-fun side. In case you’ll try malls for next year, you might want to read this first so you’ll not be disappointed..

What to Expect # 1 – Too many participants
Unlike other establishments wherein they set limits for kids who can participate, in malls however, most of them welcome all registrants as long as parents are able to present the needed documents on or before the set deadline. The most common requirement is an accumulated receipt from the mall stores/tenants.


  • Inquire for the date of validity for the accumulated receipt. Some malls might give 1 week while others, on the day of the event.
  • Once registered, go to the event early so you can get inside the area and reserve your seats. Besides, it’s better to take photos of your kids when it’s still not crowded.

Just look at Louise, feeling the moment as if she owns the place. Thank God we’re able to get 2 seats.


Louise during trick or treat in cebu

crowd at sm seaside city cebu


What to Expect # 2 – Big Kids Running Everywhere

Normally in a Halloween event, there are age limits for kids and some establishments would even group the children as per age. However, for huge number of registrants like in malls, expect that there will be no groupings and some older kids are just so excited to get treats, ignoring the people around. Sometimes, it’s just not kids who are running but also the parents and guardians. Just look at the photos below, I even felt like we were in the ‘Amazing Race’ show.




What to Expect # 3 – No Tricks Alright BUT LESS Treats

Too many kids, few participating stores, so expect to have either less treats or none at all from some of the stores. Just look at sad Louise (dressed as Rapunzel), honestly her pumpkin was far from getting full that day.



What to Expect # 4 – At least there’s a fun program

Let’s forget the treats, if you have no luck of getting more candies and sweets, no worries. A program is usually  available after trick or treat anyway and it’s enough I guess to add fun for the kids. With SM Seaside, the theme was Halloween Ball and as expected, there were Disney princesses like Princess Anna, Snow White, Cinderella and many more.





Call it a bit disorganized, crowded, but the event was still successful as lots of kids did enjoy. Fred and I also had fun, we were like kids again that day.


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