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Girl or Boy? Gender is Revealed!

February 5, 2016

If you know me personally or if you have read some of my blog posts, you would know that we already have a girl. So what is it that we want this time? I’ll be lying if I would say Fred and I are not dreaming of a boy. Of course we do! But then again, we all know whose decision it will be. God has given us a very wonderful girl right now, melting our hearts everyday and we would still be very happy if it’s also a girl this time.

boy or girl


The day of the ultrasound came, a bit nervous as usual (as if first time parents!). Inside the room, while the doctor’s checking my tummy, Fred already has a feeling that it’s a girl. Me on the other hand, looking blankly at the monitor. Seconds later, our waiting was over.

gender ultrasound


So yeah, months from now and we’ll be welcoming our second princess! This is good news actually as there’s no need for us to buy more baby clothes, we can reuse some of Louise’s things. As for my hobby, well this means more reasons for me to continue making headbands and tutus! As early as now, I’m already thinking of the designs that I will try for our little bundle of joy!

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