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Mom’s Letter to Daughter Who Will No Longer Be An Only Child…Soon

April 29, 2016
cebu mommy blogger - Mommy and daughter

My firstborn child


Dearest Louise,

Few weeks from now, we’ll have a new baby at home. I know you already knew her as the baby inside my tummy but soon, you’ll be able to see her, to touch her and love her. Lots of things will change I know but before all those things will take place, I need you to remember few things.


You’re my Greatest Teacher

Yes, you are my firstborn and it was your birthday when I was born again. From a goal-oriented lady and quite an ambitious one, I became a selfless woman who thinks nothing but to give whatever you need. You were a planned baby but so many plans have changed the moment we had you. You’re the one who pushed me to pray harder and just go with the flow, to learn to relax and be calm (though I’m still trying to convince your Daddy about my improvement on this one because for him, I’m not that calm, haha!). You’re a great teacher indeed, you made me realize so many things that no other person in this world could have done for me. 

mommy hannah and Louise


You’ll Always Be My First

Being my firstborn, you’re the first baby I ever loved so much, a love so deep that is enough to make me forget myself or even your Daddy sometimes. You’re the first baby I cared for 24/7, that no matter how tiring our first few months were, I still ended my day smiling, looking at you and saying to myself how perfect you are. Perfectionist as I am, still I made my so-many-first-mommy-mistakes with you. I failed myself from not letting you fall on the floor, from not getting your finger crushed by a closing door and so much more. Sorry for those baby, Mommy’s just a human being, and I’m continuously learning my unending ‘firsts’ with you.

daughter hugging mommy

Right now, you are my first preschooler who brings me back to my childhood with all the songs and lessons you learned from school. You are my first talkative and noisy kid who melts my heart every day simply because you won’t let a day passed without telling me ‘I love you Mommy’. Years from now, you’ll be my first teen daughter. Oh, I can’t wait to share my first batch of love advice to you (sorry sweetheart, there are just so many on my list that I have to share those by batches, haha!).


Loving Mommy and Daughter


Mommy Loves You No Matter What

Having a newborn baby at home is a great challenge and surely Mommy will be very busy sweetheart. I might not be able to play with you always because I have to take care of your baby sister. I might not be able to attend to your every need because I would be nursing her. I might not be able to show you always a ‘happy face’ and surely I will end up hearing this from you ‘that’s bad Mommy, no mad face, only happy face!’. Don’t get mad at me my sweetheart, you might not have me 24/7 but my love for your will never change. Both of you are special to me and I will do my best to love you equally. 

Mommy and daughter


All the love,

Your excited Mommy who can’t wait to have both of you together here at my side.

Excited Mommy



About the photos:

Photos above were all shot by my hubby when we stayed at Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City for my brother’s wedding.




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  • Carol Clark May 3, 2016 at 4:46 am

    That’s nice to know, I’m excited with her reaction. By the way keep up the great job in writing cause you definitely create good articles. Love reading all of it especially this.

  • Carol Clark May 2, 2016 at 4:01 am

    What a nice letter you have there mommy Hannah. I was crying reading the entire article. I suggest you let your daughter Louise read that when she gets old. Good job!! Also good job also to your hubby for taking wonderful photos.

    • Hannah Iway May 2, 2016 at 2:16 pm

      Thanks Carol, I’ll definitely let her read this. Soon, she’ll be the one managing this blog, haha!

  • Leni Vincent May 1, 2016 at 10:40 am

    So sweet of you mommy, kakaiyak. Nice photos btw

    • Hannah Iway May 1, 2016 at 10:42 am

      Kahit ako, naiyak ako while I’m writing this Leni. Thanks for reading.

  • Christine April 29, 2016 at 11:37 pm

    So sweet of you mommy!!!Have a safe delivery…

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