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Tiny Buds Review – Talc-free Powder for Babies and Other Natural Baby Products

May 26, 2018
Tiny Buds product reviews

From the moment Louise was born, I started to only listen to doctor’s advice when it comes to my baby’s health and care. Of course, I have my mother-in-law and my mother with me for some guidance but some of their tips are just not aligned with doctors recommendations. I know you can list 1 or 2 of those tips that I’m talking about.

During Louise’s first 4 years, I did not use baby powder because of the many reasons that her doctor told me. When Martina was born, I started to break some rules, one which was using a baby powder. I was given several baby powders as gifts from friends so we really had to use them. Unfortunately, after a month of using, I noticed Louise was always coughing. After doctor’s checkup, I found out that doctor’s right all along. I felt so guilty that time that I forgot to ask for alternative powders.

My daughters are quite hyperactive and they sweat easily so I really need to use powder especially for their back. Thankfully, I was given an opportunity to try some of Tiny Buds products.  Tiny Buds has been around the market for many years now and their products are known to have all-natural ingredients, gentle on babies and very safe to the environment too. One of their products that I have been using for months now is their Tiny Fangs Tooth Gel. Martina loves to brush her teeth then swallow the tooth gel, it’s the main reason why I chose Tiny Buds because it’s safe if swallowed.

tiny buds products


From the given products, the first one that we tried was their Rice Baby Powder. It’s made from real rice grains, no talcum powder and no harmful preservatives. It smells good, not that strong but enough for Louise to love. After 2 weeks of using especially during her dance workshop, so far she’s showing no cough and I heard no annoying breathing sound from her. So what can I say? I think we’ll be sticking to this brand when it comes to baby powder then!

The other product we’ve tried was Tiny Buds Natural Hand Sanitizer. Martina had stomach bug last January, since then, I have become stricter when it comes to washing hands. We then always bring hand sanitizer with us. What I love about Tiny Buds Natural Hand Sanitizer is that it’s non-sticky. Its smell is not that strong so it’s mild for babies’ nose and skin. The best part is that it’s very much safe if ever babies would put their hands inside their mouth after using this hand sanitizer. Martina’s quite a good eater, you’ll see her holding a food every now and then so this is perfect for her! It’s very handy as well.

As for Baby Bottle and Utensil Wash, at first, I thought it was like the brand that I tried before, a natural product which I didn’t like much because it generated very less soapy foam.  But when I tried Tiny Buds, I found out that it was different in a good way. It made the water soapier, yet very easy to rinse. Not only I can assure that my kids are safe, I think I can also save time using Tiny Buds because washing seems effortless.

I also received After Bites! Itch and Scratch Gel. The kids weren’t able to use it yet, apparently it was me who first use it because I’m the only one at home who easily gets mosquito bites, and it’s weird! So I used the Gel, it felt cold during application and I noticed the itch was gone so easily. I’ll definitely use it once my kids will have insect bites or some itches. Very effective really!

Tinybuds products


The other products I received were the Nappy Cream, Natural Fabric Softener and Liquid Laundry Wash. So far, we haven’t used them yet. I’ll give you an update once I have tried them.

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Disclosure: I received the products above for free for the purposes of testing it and reviewing it. All opinions expressed are truthful and 100% my own.

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