SM City Cebu Event for Kids – Princess Academy Experience

November 23, 2016

My 4-year old Louise has always been a fan of Disney Princesses. To tell you the truth, she’s the one who made me memorize all the names of the princesses. Eh kase naman, I don’t do the princess thing when I was little. So when a CBS co-member Naomi Bersales of Jugs and Pugs invited us to SM City Cebu’s Princess Academy event, I did not let the opportunity pass.



It’s actually an event open for girls of ages 4 to 12 years old complying the below requirements:



We were scheduled to join the 4:00 PM event (there were several schedules that day) and look how excited Louise was. It was a bit too late for me to find a princess gown for her so I just bought her a tiara which she happily wore. I was even amazed how confident she was, I mean, considering her simple dress compared to other kids who really wore gown and even make-up.



The venue was decorated in such a way that kids would really feel having an enjoyable tea party inside the castle.




Princess Academy focused on teaching the kids (4-12 years old) about all the regal how-to’s. First lesson, they were thought how to properly make a greeting to new friends. Look who’s listening attentively!




And when it’s time to demonstrate how princesses sit, Louise’s name was called. Before the event, she told me she’s shy but as a shy mom myself, the best reply I could give which I know it’s easier said than done was “Don’t be shy, just enjoy Louise”. I guess she remembered me saying that. She confidently went up the stage for the demo.




Next topic was table manners. Louise does not eat much solid food but I was impressed how she tried to make friends and enjoy the moment by eating just like other kids.





Last lesson was how to properly walk like a princess. Her dress may not be extravagant like other kids’ but look at her walking, so confident, not minding what her insecure mommy was thinking.



Now here’s the funny part. When it’s time to go up on stage for the princess oath, all kids were asked to finish first their food. Poor Louise, she’s not a good eater so she was one of the last girls to stand up. She really did not finish her food though.



Look at all the princesses, happily facing the crowd while saying the princess oath.



Last part of the event was the Princess parade and then picture taking at the photo booth after getting their certificates.




It was indeed a fun event for all the participating girls, I’ve never seen one who cried. As for our Louise, she did feel like a princess even after the event, look at her here, still feeling dreamy, haha!



Thanks to SM City Cebu along with SM Kids and SM Accessories for such a wonderful event!

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