Cokaliong Suite Room Review, Rates and Experience

January 8, 2024
Cokaliong Suite room

When travelling as a family, especially with kids, it’s normal for us parents to prioritize comfort and convenience above everything. And this is why when we travelled to Mindanao for our 2023 Christmas vacation, for the first time, we decided to book Cokaliong’s Suite Room.

Cokaliong Suite room

I get it, travelling by plane is more convenient than a ferry. We could have booked a plane ticket from Cebu to Ozamiz (and vice versa) early last year but since we’ll be bringing a lot of baggage due to our planned 2 week-stay, a ferry is a cheaper option. Anyway, Cokaliong provides schedule of their trips every two weeks, so we booked our tickets as soon as our chosen dates were open. Below are the rates we paid:

Accommodation: Suite Room good for 3
Cokaliong’s Suite Room Rate: P7560
Route: Cebu to Ozamiz (and vice versa)
Vessel: MV Filipinas Butuan
Additional: Since there are four of us, we booked an economy deck with a Minor discount and paid P1043.
Total: P8603 per trip
Note: Terminal Fee not included.

Cokaliong’s Suite Room Review

Cokaliong’s Suite Room looks like a room when you book for an affordable hotel, inn, or pension house. I see people complaining about their rooms which didn’t meet their expectations but let me remind you that you’re not booking a luxury hotel room here. Despite its simplicity, it’s their most comfortable room option (2 beds in our chosen suite), and the safest, which is perfect for families.

Aside from having our own toilet/bathroom, we also got to enjoy the chance to safely leave our things while we were out strolling and seeing some views. The room also has a TV but we did not use it since we’ve downloaded Netflix movies on each of our own devices.

The best advantage is we enjoyed some privacy while sleeping on comfortable beds! Check out our reel below:

You can buy or book Cokaliong tickets at their Main office (North Reclamation Area, Cebu City) and ticket booths and outlets.

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