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Our Family Portrait from Great Image Cebu – Tips and Price

January 3, 2018

Welcome to my first post for 2018! How were your Christmas and New Year celebrations? Hope you had a blast with your family and friends!

Our family has simple celebrations each year. We don’t have those big family reunions because Fred and I came from small families, except of course if my mother’s clan will organize one, that would be one crazy huge party! So to make our recent holiday celebration more special, we decided to have a family pictorial on the day of Christmas.

Fred has a DSLR camera and honestly, we can schedule a photoshoot on our own (wala pang gastos) but we don’t have a family photo yet that’s taken by a professional so why not go for it, right?

When it comes to professional photos and framing, Great Image is one of the names I could think of. We’ve tried their services last 2011 to print and frame our wedding photo. It was indeed a super high-quality print photo in a size 27×23 inches frame. 6 years later and it’s still as good as new! So for our 2017 family photo, we availed Great Image SM Seaside Branch‘s family package. See below for  the price and inclusions:

Great Image Family Package Price (with Frame): Php2800 

  • 2 printed 5R photos
  • 1 framed photo (frame size is 16×19 inches)
  • 1 CD containing the copies of your chosen photos (3 photos for the price above).
  • Note: Any additional printed photo (and saved in your CD) is priced at Php475 each. Also, there are other cheaper packages, feel free to inquire Great Image staff.

There’s no need for reservation but it was Christmas when we went there, several families have planned the same thing, so as expected, we have to follow an order. Thankfully, we didn’t wait for long as we’re the third family on the list.

If you’re planning for a family photo at Great Image (or other Studio), below are my tips:

  • Decide for your attire. There’s no need to be extravagant here, a Sunday’s best attire will do.  To make it more special, go for coordinating outfits, decide for the same color like all white, etc. In our case, we decided to go for Sunday’s best in Mint Green/Blue.
  • Wear Make-up. Nobody’s stopping you if you want to have your make-up done by a professional but if you want to do it on your own, a simple foundation or powder and lipstick will do.
  • Make sure kids are not super tired. I suggest go for a photoshoot at the time when your child is not yet super sleepy or tired or else… I’m sure every parent knows what can possibly happen.
  • Headbands for little girls. This is not really necessary but as a mom who makes headbands for my girls, it’s a must-have for me.
  • Jewelries and accessories. Regardless of the price, make sure you wear some to complete your look.
  • List the photos you want to have. Don’t be like us who scheduled for a family photo but WE FORGOT to have a photo with only FOUR of us taken. Tsk Tsk!

When it was our turn, thank God the girls were so cooperative. Martina was amazed at the big lights and for the first time, she smiled in front of the camera (she rarely smiles and only when it’s a selfie). We stayed inside the studio less than 5 minutes I think and spent another 5 minutes choosing the photos. After paying, we’ve been told to pick-up our photos after a week. And on the last day of 2017, we had them. See our photos below, the first one is framed in size 16×19 inches.

Family Iway Photo

Family Iway Photo

Family Iway

Iway Sisters Photo

Iway Sisters Photo


For inquiries, you may visit Great Image at SM Seaside City and SM City Cebu.

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