Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant in Cebu Tips

February 1, 2017
Vikings Cebu Family Bonding

Vikings Cebu has been one of Cebuanos’ food destinations since its opening last May 2016 at SM City Cebu but it was only last Sunday that we tried the place. Vikings is known as the largest buffet restaurant in the Philippines. Aside from their mouth-watering cuisine, their treats for birthday celebrants are also one of the reasons people don’t want to miss the place. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy eat-all-you-can for free anyway? Plus, there’s a cute cake for the celebrant and that picture taking wearing the vikings hat.

Vikings logo

Because of the price, Fred and I only plan to eat at Vikings if there’s a family special occasion. With their wide range of scrumptious food choices, it’s indeed a perfect place to celebrate over food and drinks.


January is my mother-in-law’s birth month so we reserved seats for lunch last January 29. Based on Vikings’ promo, since there were only 3 of us full paying adults and it was no longer my MIL’s birthday, we were not qualified for their birthday promo. We still carried on with our plan because it was also Martina’s 8th month celebration.

For parents with little children like us, sometimes eating in restaurants is something that we’re not comfortable of doing. The good thing I noticed about Vikings though was it’s a child-friendly place and like any other buffet restaurants, everyone was walking around; no one minded kids strolling from one place to another. Still, I have provided tips below for a stress-free and delightful dining experience:

1. Book a reservation early. This is a must so you don’t have to wait to be seated. Note that a text reminder will be sent to you a day before your reservation.

2. Choose preferred table/area/seat. During reservation, mention that you have a baby/kid and if possible, specify if you want to sit on the couch. When dining out, we always prefer the table with couch instead of chairs so I can comfortably eat while holding or breastfeeding Martina.

Vikings Cebu Dining Out

3. Go to the place early. Be among the first to arrive. Even though you have already made a reservation, it’s still best to be there early so you can still choose your table if ever you or your child is not comfortable with the one reserved for you.

4. Let your kids have fun. Vikings Cebu has a Kiddie Play area every Sunday so you can let your kids enjoy there while you’re savouring the unlimited desserts! They also have an art area. Good thing Louise tried the place when all of us were already full or else, everyone sitting near us would see her crying the whole time we’re eating.

Vikings Cebu Kiddie Play - Every Sunday



5. Avoid leftovers. Little kids don’t eat that much yet so make sure to put only food on the plate that they will surely eat. Else, you’ll end up finishing their leftovers. Vikings is a bit strict with leftovers by the way. I got Louise a bowl of noodles, she didn’t eat it and worst, the waiter was a bit hesitant to take it. We ended up eating it anyway: we can pay for the leftover fee but I would definitely feel irresponsible if that happens.

6. Enjoy! Why I included this? When dining out, most of the time, we parents are feeling anxious of how our kids/babies will behave. And before we know it, we finished the meal without even able to eat some of the delicacies, or we may have eaten but missed the chance to relish every bite.

In our case, we indeed enjoyed. Fred and I didn’t miss the all-time favorite roast pig and of course, the beef and lamb steak. Kids behaved as well and they loved the cake!



There you have it! Have fun as a family and eat like a Viking!

Vikings CEBU Contact Details

Branch: 2nd Floor, SM City Cebu – North Wing, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
Phone Number: (032) 255 3888
Facebook Page:
Click here for their RATES.

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