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Celebrating Christmas 2020 with Virginia Festive Hams

December 5, 2020
Virginia festive hams

2020 is a difficult year for everyone because we’re dealing with a worldwide pandemic. To be honest, when lockdown started last March and seeing how Coronavirus can easily infect and kill many people, I felt so scared and anxious thinking about the future. But as days passed by, we continue with our daily tasks and live as normal as we could while being stuck at home. We still celebrate milestones, even celebrated our birthdays.

After almost 9 months of living the new normal and finally started going out for necessities, I realized that people are indeed adapting well. When I went to the mall the other day, I saw people happy people while doing their jobs, shoppers doing early Christmas shopping, everything’s looking normal! Well, that is if we disregard the fact that people are now wearing masks and no kids in sight.

Seeing Christmas decorations everywhere, hearing Christmas songs, I can really say that CORONAVIRUS can’t stop Christmas. People still celebrate birthdays, how much more the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Our Christmas tree is now up!

Christmas celebration this year might be different for many of us but we can still make it memorable and festive by preparing traditional Noche Buena foods and sharing it with family and friends. One of these is the Christmas ham!

For many years now, Virginia Food, Inc. is offering Christmas hams and during the recent years, they added more festive hams for us to choose from.

Virginia festive hams
  • Virginia Brick Ham
  • Chicken Pear Shaped Ham
  • Pear Shaped Ham
  • Virginia Season’s Delight Ham
  • Jamon de Bola
  • Pineapple Ball Ham
  • Black Forest Ham
  • Chinese Fortune Ham
  • American Tenderized Ham
  • Crown Roast Ham

What I love about Virginia Christmas ham, specifically the Season’s Delight ham is that it taste and look sooo delicious. You can really tell it’s made of premium quality of meat.

Cooking is very easy as well. For our family, we normally just fry the ham. We haven’t tried the other hams so I am very thankful to Virginia for sending these for my family to enjoy.

Virginia festive hams 2

Aside from festive hams, Virginia also offers affordable Noche Buena Treats including pasta, macaroni, sunflower oil and spaghetti sauce. These are indeed perfect for Filipino families who always go for macaroni salad and/or spaghetti as one of the dishes for Noche Buena.

Virginia Noche Buena Treats

Planning to give Christmas Treats to family and friends? Virginia products are one of the perfect and practical presents to give this season, their bag designs are so festive as well!

Indeed, #TuloyPaRinAngPasko sa Virginia!

It’s only few days before Christmas, get your Virginia Festive Hams and Noche Buena Treats in their Factory Outlets and in supermarkets nationwide.

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