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Things to Consider When Choosing a Playground For Kids

September 16, 2017
cebu mommy blogger - Things to Consider When Choosing a Playground For Kids

A playground is like heaven for every child. There are gadgets and countless good TV shows these days but nothing can replace the fun, learning, and exercise that children can experience while playing in this place.

Apart from having fun, playground is also a place where we parents can let our kids be independent. For some of us, it’s a place where falling is quite acceptable. A slight pain from falling is actually important as it helps them accept failures in life. However, one thing we don’t want to happen to our kids in the playground is to have a bruise, cut or sunburn which is worst than what we can handle.

So to avoid any problems, here are the things every parent should consider when choosing a playground for the kids:

  • Shade

A playground with trees is perfect but we know that this is not always possible in most areas. Built-in shades would be great, even if they will just cover a portion of the play area. What’s important is there’s a spot where kids can be protected from the heat of the sun for minutes, preventing sunburns and allowing them to extend outdoor playtime.

  • Age Appropriate Equipment

Most equipment in playgrounds are safe however, not all are appropriate for younger ones. In my case, I always look for a toddler’s area like having shorter slides for my Martina. At 5 years old, Louise loves slides but still afraid of long and spiral ones so I make sure the playground we choose has several choices for her to enjoy.

  • Child-proofed Equipment in Good Condition

Equipment should be made of plastic or other soft materials to avoid serious injuries when a child falls. Nothing in the playground should have sharp or pointed sides, all should also be in good working condition. This means equipment such as swings and planks should be properly bolted; slides and seesaws don’t have sharp edges.



  • Proper Surfaces

Injuries from slips and falls are very common in the playground but it can easily be prevented if the ground is made of proper soft surfaces. Regardless of what surface type is being used, may it be a rubber, wet-pour or artificial grass, the important thing is that the material is shock absorbent. A playground with colorful and creative flooring is also a plus. This includes having designs which contribute to the learning and imagination of children such as clock, series of numbers and shapes, rainbow, rocket design and so much more.

rocket design soft surface


  • Cleanliness

Imagine bringing your child to a dirty playground with garbage or worst, with animal feces. It’s completely a no-no.

Apart from considering the tips above, choose the one that your child will really love. Have fun!


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