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Discovering My Daughter’s Talent – One of My Happiest Moments

May 19, 2018
Mom's happiest moments

Dancing is the first talent that I discovered. In fact, it’s the only talent that I could confidently show to people. I have loved singing but sadly I wasn’t that confident. I remember feeling proud back then every time I hear my voice reached the high notes of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”. Then I realized, some songs were not just for me. There were two instances though where my voice was appreciated by people not close to me. But I shrugged off their good comments and believed that my voice wasn’t good enough. My parents have always been very supportive but we lived in a town where proper resources were limited. So as a result, I’m nowhere from being a singer.

When I became a mother, I told myself that my children should have a better childhood than I had. I started to think the gifts and talents they might have as they grow. Will they love singing and dancing like me? I don’t play sports but Fred and some relatives do, will it be enough for them to find love in sports as well? Being an artist doesn’t run in our blood but will they love painting or drawing? As parents, what we can only do is wait, to be observant and be supportive.

By the time Louise was almost 4 years old, we noticed she started appreciating non-Nursery songs and dance to the beat of those songs. But when it came to dancing on stage, it was a different scenario, she hated the stage. We did not pressure her, talents are not discovered overnight anyway.

Pre-kindergarten school year started and we gradually saw her face lit up while sharing with us the dance routine they practiced in school. One school activity to another, she successfully finished dancing the whole track without crying. And yes it made us happy!

Then came their school’s biggest event of the year – their Annual play from which students were expected to present on a bigger stage, in front of a bigger audience. We patiently waited for Louise’s turn and when their section was called, Fred and I were so nervous. To be honest, I was a bit paranoid, thinking she might have a stage fright and walk out. But oh my! We saw our Louise smiling, she went to the center and confidently performed!

Louise at the center

I had tears of joy while watching her dance. Not because she did not have a stage fright as what I first feared for, but because I saw how happy she was during her performance while successfully executing the dance steps, and for me that’s a real talent. It was indeed one of my happiest moments with her!

That was then the beginning of her love for stage performances. She recently had her modeling/runway experience and now, she’s preparing for her recital from her dance workshop.

For us to make sure she’s consistently discovering the things she loves, one of the many things we do is to help her grow happy, be healthy and have a healthy tummy. That’s why we choose Nestokid Four as her milk because “it helps in” better absorption of nutrients. Louise loves it because it tastes good. What more could I ask for?

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