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My Life at 32

October 7, 2018
Hannah Iway Mommy Blogger

Exactly a month ago, I turned 32. To be honest, this post is already one year late, I haven’t had the guts to post this when I turned 31. I was about to delete this but reading it again, I realized it’s still applicable, regardless of my age. Anyway, I rarely post personal stories but yeah, I updated it and clicked the publish button, hope you’ll enjoy reading.

I am at the stage where I completely embrace the fact that there’s no such thing as perfect life. My life isn’t perfect but I am aware that most of what I have right now are my answered prayers. For as long as I could remember, apart from good health, long life, proper guidance and safety of me and my loved ones, I constantly prayed for the following:

1. Good Husband

My definition of a good husband was highly influenced by my mom. She mentioned all the good qualities of a guy and her list was quite funny because the majority of what she said was just the opposite of my father (Haha, sorry Papsy!). But one thing that really stayed inside my head was when she told me to choose the one who doesn’t get jealous easily, the one who’s not possessive. Else, my married life will be a mess. So as I grew up, I always include it in my prayers.

When I reached 21, I met Fred. We became friends and that’s the time I realized how much I missed in life. For many years, I got so focused on my studies, getting good grades, collecting awards, graduating with honors and finding the perfect job. I forgot how good it felt to make friends with new people, to visit different places and to experience new good things. He made me feel so free, to take it easy and enjoy life. He didn’t change at all even when we became officially a couple. I couldn’t even remember a situation where he got jealous of my time, my friends (boys and gays), etc. And now that we recently celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary, he’s still the same funny, loving and ‘relaxed’ Fred that I used to know (except when I’m driving the car though!).  So yeah, at 32, I’m a FREE, HAPPY and CONTENTED WIFE.



2. Wonderful and Healthy Kids

I didn’t like babies and kids when I was young but when I got married, everything changed. I started to imagine what my children would look like. Will they be pretty? Smart? Talented? Pregnancy came and I realized it’s no longer about the looks, physical features and intellectual capabilities of a child anymore. Pregnancy is a miracle that seeing a child healthy and happy is already enough.

Now, at 32, I’m a proud mother of two wonderful, sweet and healthy girls who are giving me pure happiness. Yes, I get tired and feel worn out, I also have my bad days. But their giggles and smiles are too precious to my senses that in a matter of seconds, everything turns out fine.



3. Ideal Career Path

Student life for me was pretty straightforward-> study hard and graduate valedictorian; study harder and graduate as cum laude. Quite boring if you ask me but it was the only way I could think of to make my parents proud and in order for me to land a nice job. I wasn’t being picky when I started my job hunting. In fact, 10 years ago, I didn’t have any clue what SEO was, even blogging! I can’t blame myself, back then I was in love with numbers, equations, problem-solving and all things related to Math and Statistics.

I prayed for a nice job and pooof! God gave me a position to work in an SEO company. That time, I didn’t realize if it was what I really wanted. I had my moments of resigning and to change career but something’s telling me I’m on the right path.

Second baby came and this new stage of motherhood required me to stay home. So now, I’m a work-at-home mom (WAHM), earning money while being with my kids all day long. Thankfully, I did not resign or transfer to other companies as my situation would be different right now if that happened. This current setup is actually the one that I dreamed of when Louise was still a baby. I remember those days, our office had an overlooking view and every time I went to the pantry for a quick break, I would look at the location where our house was located. And there I was, looking to one specific spot, imagining I’m at home with my baby. Luckily, there’s no need for me to feel that again right now. Being a WAHM is not easy but I’m getting used to it. Now I can drop off and pick Louise up from school and I also have the time to tutor her with studies. I am also able to continue breastfeeding Martina who’s now 28 months old. All these, I can’t imagine how to juggle if I’m working in an office.

The career that I’ve chosen also gave me a new sense of purpose – being a mommy blogger . I’m happy that I’m able to inspire, inform and help parents, especially mothers, through my blog. Making money out of blogging is also one of my goals and I’m thankful that right now, I’m getting there. It’s not an amount that can pay bills though but quite a good source of money for other important stuff.

Life is a blessing, I thank God and my parents for who I am right now. They say life is a never-ending learning process, and I agree. I have still so many things to learn as a wife and a mother, many prayers to pray every night and many plans to look forward to. 

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