Balay Sa Busay Restaurant at Cebu’s Mountain Top

October 8, 2018
Balay sa busay overlooking view

As a family with 2 young children, my husband and I always prefer child-friendly restaurants, those places which are not so crowded and if possible, have enough room just in case our kids want to roam around after eating. Here in Cebu, there are many choices but not all are affordable, satisfying and even relaxing. Thankfully, there’s a newly opened restaurant which after our experience last week, we can say it’s one of the best dining places in town – Balay sa Busay!

Balay sa Busay recently had their soft opening last September 2018 and it’s the newest mountain-top restaurant in Cebu City. From the name itself, it’s located in Brgy. Busay, Cebu City. The drive will take you around 30 minutes from JY Square. We all know the struggle of going there especially for people without private vehicles but trust me, this dining place is worth it! And here’s why:

1. Very homey, it reminds us of our vacations in our beloved provinces.

From someone who grew up in Mindanao which is a bit far Cebu, I really missed our home where there are no deadlines to think about, where time flies a bit slower.  When we arrived at Balay sa Busay, to be honest, I felt like I was in a place similar to our home. The place is very much modern with great interiors yet it’s very effective in helping us to remind how important it is to slow down and just enjoy the moment.


2. Breathtaking view and amazing nature scenery
Whether you’ll visit there at daytime or at night time, you’ll get to enjoy the same thing – amazing view! At daytime, the green scenery will be able to help you improve your mood, it’s even a great place to work or have meetings because it can really help you think better and more focused. We went there at night and the view of city lights was breathtaking, the relaxing forest night sounds made our experience even more memorable.  Planning for a date? Honestly, it’s the perfect place to impress your loved one!


3. Modern Filipino dishes, prepared in a unique way

Cebu has a lot of restaurants serving Filipino dishes. Balay sa Busay is one of them but the restaurant’s creativity is very much impressive. Ever tasted a tinola with a taste of lechon before? How about a rice with pochero ingredients?  To be honest I haven’t tasted anything like it before but oh my! All of them are just surprisingly delicious! While writing this, I already want to go back just to taste my most favorite dishes – Pinakbet rice and Banana Cue Ala Mode!

Balay Sa Busay Dishes

Balay Sa Busay Specialties

Balay Sa Busay Tasty food

Balay Sa Busay Unique dishes


4. Affordable Food

If the photos above made you hungry, worry not for a big budget because Balay sa Busay offers affordable prices.

Balay sa Busay Menu

Balay sa Busay Starters

Balay sa Busay Cocktails and Drinks

Balay sa Busay Main Dishes


5. Instagrammable Spots

Social media today has greatly affected how people choose a dining place. More and more people now prefer a place with Instagrammable spots. At Balay sa Busay, you won’t get disappointed. The amazing overlooking view, the simple yet elegant-looking interiors, vanity mirror in the comfort room, all will keep you busy for a bit to take pictures! My favorite was their spot near the bonfire.

Balay Sa Busay Overlooking


6. Friendly Staff and Waiting is not a problem

My husband and I were busy taking pictures and one of their staff helped us by watching over Martina. How sweet, right? And for those who will arrive in the place during peak hours, not to worry because they have a very nice waiting area. We were told that in the next few weeks, that cute stove you see in the photo below will be used to give free nuts to the waiting guests. A very cool idea, isn’t it?

Balay Sa BUsay waiting area


We had a very good dining experience as a family. We’ll surely be back, we might try going there at daytime to see the view while the sun is still up.

iway family at Balay sa Busay


For a Restaurant tour, check out our video below:


Balay Sa Busay Contact Details
Telephone Number: (032) 354 7169
Facebook Page:
Instagram Profile:
Open from 11 am to 11 pm daily


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