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KidloLand Educational App Review – Best App for your Little Ones

October 4, 2016

At a very young age, our Louise was already exposed to smartphones. And like any other parents, we were told by elders that those things are not good for kids, etc., blah blah and blah. Let’s be realistic, is it really possible these days not to let a child use phones and tablets? If you’re that kind of parent then congratulations! But for the group of parents where I belong, those who can’t avoid screen times for kids, I don’t think we should feel bad about our parenting style. Why? Because even the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is aware of our situation and for that, they provided new tips for parents regarding children and the media. According to the article, as long as we set limits, encourage playtime together, know the apps/sites they’re using which should be educational, then we’re on the right track.

Whew! And yes, thankfully our Louise prefers educational videos and applications. However, nursery videos in YouTube are not that interactive and when I tried downloading mobile applications, most of them are not complete.

One day while checking emails, we received an invitation from KidloLand to try their application. I did some research about the site and found lots of good reviews from parents. So when we installed it and got the subscription, we were amazed at how complete it is. Here are the screenshots of the group of nursery songs, stories and activities your child will enjoy and believe me, we’re talking hundreds here.

Kidloland App Screenshots - 5


Kidloland App Screenshots - 4


Kidloland App Screenshots - 3


Kidloland App Screenshots


Kidloland App Screenshots - 2


Right now, Kidloland has added new songs and activities, see below.

kidloland new songs and activities


Here’s Louise enjoying the application, phonics activity songs are her favorite!

Kid using KidloLand App


Here are some of the many reasons why we love Kidloland:

  • This app is recommended for ages 0-5, perfect for my two princesses!
  • With over 90+ Nursery rhymes, our 4-month old baby Martina is starting to love it!
  • With the phonics interactive songs, Louise’s had fun reviewing and practicing letter sounds and more!
  • It has 300+ fun educational activities that will help kids develop problem solving skills, enhance imagination and creativity and more!
  • It enables kids to interact with the characters and things on screen.

Honestly, this app is best when it comes to preparing your little one for school. Homeschooling? You can try this mommies, the cost for a year subscription is only $39.95, not bad for an educational app!


Disclaimer: We received a 12-month subscription for the purpose of an honest  review. All views are my own based on my experience.

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