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My SAYA Baby Carrier/Wrap – I Love Baby Wearing

September 17, 2016
saya baby wrap - black

When Martina turned 1 month old, everytime I carry her, my left arm was in constant pain. The soreness was already disturbing and there came a point where I can’t even do a single chore like folding clothes. I couldn’t blame my arm, my baby already weighed 5kgs. that time, oh how time flies!

Anyway, I haven’t experienced this pain in my arm when Louise was still a baby. I guess I’m just getting older. So to solve this problem and because it’s not only Martina that I have to take care of, I decided to buy a baby wrap. I didn’t purchase one with my first baby because I didn’t think I would need it (we always had our Yaya around) and I wasn’t a fan of baby carrier ever since I became a mom. Now that I’m with my princesses 24/7, I definitely need some help with the carrying.

Fred and I went to Baobao Babies at Unit 5 Oakridge Business Park 880 AS Fortuna Street Banilad, Mandaue City. We saw they have several baby wraps/carriers to choose from but I selected the SAYA semi-stretched knit (SSK) baby carrier in black printed design (see below). It’s made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex (Matte, cottony feel). It’s very affordable for the price of Php950.

saya baby wrap - black

Image from

The attending staff was very helpful in explaining the suitable size for me and that as my baby grows heavier, the fit will become more relaxed as the fabric adjusts. Upon purchasing, this was what I received, it comes with a long pouch.

Saya Baby Wrap Philippines


It also comes with instruction manual with the different carrying positions that you can do with SAYA.

Saya - Tangan

Saya - Duyan


I didn’t try the positions above as I’m only doing the YAKAP position where I’m more comfortable.

Saya - Yakap


And because I’m exclusively breastfeeding my baby who suddenly disliked bottles when she turned 2 months old, I’m always out carrying her like this.

Yakap position using SAYA


Months from now, by the time she’s more than 6 months old, I might try the carrying positions below:

Saya - Sakay

Saya - Lakbay


You can also use SAYA when breastfeeding in public. I haven’t used it though as a nursing cover as I always have a separate nursing bib with me.

Saya - takip


I feel very comfortable wearing it. At first, it was a bit difficult following the instructions but I found an easier way as demonstrated by Cheska Garcia:

All-in-all, I’m finding SAYA baby carrier as a great value for money.

Note: I do not work for SAYA and I’m not paid to do this review.

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