Kidzoona at SM Seaside City Cebu

November 30, 2016

Our home is less than 10 minutes away from SM Seaside City Cebu and we’ve been there several times already. But believe it or not, Louise hasn’t experienced playing at any of the mall’s playrooms yet, until one weekend of this month.

She loves role playing, slides and ball pool which all can be enjoyed at one place – Kidzoona. It’s a 416㎡ play area where kids up to 12 years of age will enjoy every moment with family and friends.

Unlike their branch at Robinsons Galleria Cebu which offers 90 minutes as a minimum duration, Kidzoona at SM Seaside offers minimum of 1 hour duration. See pricing below:



Honestly, the price is not bad considering the large play area, wide range of role playing activities and creative toys which are all from Japan and other European countries.


What I love at Kidzoona:

  • Apart from the affordable price, I love the fact that they prepared rules and regulations for kids (below 12 years old) and guardians (18 years old and above) to follow, for everyone’s safety.



  • Shoe boxes and Lockers for the things. We carry more than 1 bag every time we go to the mall and what I don’t like is bringing the things with me inside the playhouse. Thankfully they have lockers!



  • Staff do the cleaning every now and then. Kids see playroom as a place where they can enjoy and then you probably would hear one scream “best day ever!!!”. But let’s admit it parents, we see other things aside from our kids’ happy faces.  We see germs and we’re becoming a bit paranoid. With Kidzoona, I felt relieve knowing that they clean the area and arranging the toys from time to time.



  • Parents/Guardians Lounge with FREE Wifi. After hours of walking inside the mall, my feet were already weary as I was carrying my heavy Martina the whole time. When we arrived in the play area, I was happy to see their area where tired parents like me can relax. There’s free Wifi also! By the way, babies less than 1 year old are free to play. Just look at Martina, feeling relaxed and happy as well.



  • Affordable socks. Unlike other play areas where socks are priced higher and what you’ll get is a fabric which almost feels like a stocking, at SM Seaside Kidzoona, socks are only worth Php 30 and they’re thicker.


Why Kids love Kidzoona:

This is pretty simple. It’s a playroom where kids won’t feel bored. They have lots of choices of where and what to play, it’s indeed a place where most of the time, 1 hour is just not enough for them!

Enjoying the inflatable slide

Martina learning to do role playing at the Burgershop

Sand area which Louise did not bother playing but trust me, their sand is not messy to play with.

Enjoying the ball pool

Getting creative with lego

Role Playing at the Ice Cream Parlor

Girls and the playhouse


Both Louise and Martina had fun, including us parents. Soon we’ll try Kidzoona at Robinsons Galleria Cebu.


Kidzoona SM Seaside City Cebu details:

Telephone number: 032-4109628
Admission Fee: 1 Hour PHP 200 / 2 Hours PHP 300 / 3 Hours PHP 400


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