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Five Ways to Keep Your Kids Smell Fresh Even After Sweating – Mommy Tips

January 7, 2018
Keep Kids Fresh

Active play is a physical activity which has numbers of benefits as far as child’s physical, emotional, psychological, and social development are concerned. This includes running, kicking or throwing a ball, catching bubbles and many more.

Mommy, can I go to the playground? Mommy, can I play there (pointing to a playroom or any place that caught her interest) – these are only few of the questions I hear from Louise whenever she’s in the mood to play, every weekend actually.  So wherever we are, may it be indoor or outdoor, as long as it’s safe and fits our schedule, our answer is a YES.

Kids playing

Kids playing “the Floor is Lava” game. No worries, they’re perfectly guided here by their Daddy.

When kids are actively playing or doing any physical activities , it is expected that they’ll sweat. I have nothing against my kids sweating because I know it has several benefits, like how it can boost their immune system. But one thing that kinda annoys me (and I’m sure many parents will agree), is the stinky smell or what we call ‘amoy-pawis’ and ‘amoy-araw’.  So to keep them smelling fresh even after sweating, here are the things I do that you might find useful:

1. Bathe every day, the right way.

Sweat itself has no smell. It’s a fact. It only smells when it comes into contact with the skin’s bacteria. Taking a bath daily can help in getting rid of these bacteria, thus preventing or minimizing the stinky smell.  Honestly, the only time I don’t bathe my children is when they’re having a high fever and/or not feeling well.

Make sure you choose a child-friendly and effective soap or body wash as well. I’ve actually tried several brands but one thing that I also make sure of is the scent, it must be good.

2. Let them dress comfortably.

When it comes to clothing, the most important thing to consider is the comfort they’re feeling while doing all the activities. This means wearing a thick sweater even though it’s hot and sunny is not a good idea. When it’s been planned that Louise will play, I always make sure she wears shorts or leggings. There are times however that we go directly to malls after hearing mass and before we know it, she’s in playground running in her dress. And it’s still OK because I can see she’s comfortable with it.

Martina playing

Martina loves to play with her shadow so even when it’s sunny, we let her play outdoor.

3. Wear properly-washed clothes.

Aside from being comfortable, I also make sure the clothes my kids are wearing are soft and smell so good. When it comes to laundry, I only trust two brands: Ariel to keep our clothes super clean and Downy fabric conditioner for softness and long-lasting freshness. The freshness from taking a bath doesn’t last all day so time will come my kids will kinda smell ‘amoy-pawis’.  But with Downy’s sweat-activated freshness capsules, my kids smell fresh even after sweating.

ariel and downy

I’m a loyal user of Downy Antibac for many years but recently, I’m trying different variants like the Sunrise Fresh above. I actually love all of them, their scents are not very strong but they smell so good that Louise also loves it.

Kid smell fresh

My sweaty Louise, still smelling fresh.

4. Bring towels and extra clothing.

Just in case kids become super sweaty, having towels and extra shirts will certainly come in handy. Every time we go out, we bring a bag full of these extras. My kids sweat easily so even if they’re not literally playing, like just sitting outdoors, they really need towels for their backs.

sunny afternoon with kids

5. Bring a grooming kit.

Sometimes, kids get a little too excited and active that aside from sweat, they also have dirt here and there, not to mention that very messy hair. So make sure you have comb, alcohol/sanitizer, baby wipes and powder in your bag.

There you have it, did I miss anything? Feel free to comment below if you have additional tips.

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