1st Quarter of Our Homeschooling Journey – Year 1

October 19, 2020
homeshooling journey

It’s been a month since our first quarter has ended and here I am, sharing to you about how was it for us. I read my first ever article about homeschooling – why I chose this option, and I still stand with my reasons.

So was it easy for us? For the first two weeks, NOPE!!! But that’s because we didn’t receive the books yet. It made me spend too much time each week planning and researching for the lessons. I thought it will be easy because we have the internet, that we can easily find everything from Google and Youtube. BUT I WAS WRONG. There were too many resources and that’s what made the situation too overwhelming for me. I don’t know with other homeschoolers but for me, I know now that I’m the type of a homeschooler mom who definitely need books.

Is there something that I hate about homeschooling? There’s nothing to hate about homeschooling but the feeling of being “PRESSURED” that goes with it, well, that’s what I hate. Don’t get me wrong, NOBODY is actually pressuring me here BUT MYSELF and it sucks.
Before, when Louise wasn’t doing that well in her studies, I didn’t mind much. Most of the time, I just trust everything to the teacher, blame them (in my mind lang po, haha!) for whatever lesson my child couldn’t grasp. Let’s just say I’m one of those NOT PERFECT MOMS who are busier in earning money than be our kids’ teacher knowing we already paid for people to teach them.
BUT NOW, THERE’S NO ONE TO BLAME BUT MYSELF when it comes to my kids’ learning. It’s ALL up to me now, and yes there’s too much pressure in this new path that we’re taking. But I guess this is the feeling that I have to embrace for me to do BETTER each day. I realized there is no room for LAZINESS in homeschooling, yes we can relax whenever we want but definitely we have to try our best each day to HIT OUR OWN DEADLINES.

What are the struggles? The greatest challenge for me was adjusting to our new schedule which was balancing work, house chores, homeschooling and other stuff that I do on a daily basis. We’re struggling with having a fixed morning routine, even at present. Even though hubby and I start work early, we can only wake the kids up at 9:30 AM so we’ll be able to have some quiet time for work. I can say we’re a family who’s more active in the afternoon and in the evening when it comes to homeschooling but I have this goal to really have them start doing their responsibilities in the morning. Hopefully, this is something we can improve in the coming days.

Any tips so far from me? I’m still working on this to be honest and I don’t know when I can master following my own schedule –> PLAN AHEAD AND TRY TO FOLLOW IT. I plan every weekend about what we need to do on a daily basis. We may not be able to start early in the morning but I make sure that before the day ends, we’ve covered the scheduled lessons. I guess that just as long as we’re sticking to our weekly deadlines and yet, we can still slow down if certain topic is difficult, then we’ll be just fine.

Check out the video I made containing some of the activities we did during the first quarter. Nothing fancy here, just us enjoying learning at home.

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