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Finalist for Best Cebu Blogs Award (Personal) 2016 – Hard Work Pays Off

November 6, 2016

Blogging is not new to me and Fred as Iway Diaries is already the 4th blog that we have created. Our first one was purely a travel and food site (2010) but married life came and we stopped. Then having to work in an SEO company for years, we tried a technology site which talks about the world of SEO (2013) and a news site which focused on sharing good stories worldwide (2014). But then again, it’s hard to continue working on a blog where you’re not sure of its purpose, when you don’t know how to continue connecting it with your life and that it’s not the field where you’re really good at in the first place.  All those previous sites we had lasted only for 1 year.

So fast forward, 14 months after we created Iway Diaries and we’re still kicking. I guess we finally found the perfect category (Personal/Mommy Blog), the perfect stories to share and the perfect audience that we’re continuously helping with our posts. There’s no way we’ll let ourselves fail on this one, especially now that I’m a more hands-on mom with lots of helpful stories to share (honestly, I have a long list of topics that are still to be written). And now, after months of hard work, we received a very good news that’s encouraging us to continue and move forward.

This year, Best Cebu Blogs Award (BCBA) has chosen as one of the finalist under the Personal Blog Category. The announcement left Fred and I ecstatic, knowing that BCBA is the only Award Giving Body For Cebu Bloggers in Cebu. With my  situation this year (from pregnant mom with terrible morning sickness to a breastfeeding mom with no yaya), no matter how I wanted to attend some of the Cebu bloggers events, I just couldn’t. This is why I am more excited for the 9th Best Cebu Blogs Awards Night happening on November 27, 2016 at Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. Finally, I will get a chance to meet and mingle with other bloggers (Fred and I already are thinking of plans so I could attend without worrying for my baby who dislikes bottle).



Honestly, we didn’t expect to be one of the finalists and it’s really a privilege to be chosen as one, thanks to the people behind BCBA and to our readers and site visitors who continuously motivate us to share more good stories. There are lots of blogs that come and go because it takes a lot of effort, money and motivation to maintain each one. The existence of awards like BCBA is really inspiring and most of the time, it’s just what we need to continue growing as better bloggers.

Of course, this event will not be possible without the help of the sponsors and partners below, thank you!

• PLDT Home
• Megaworld Corporation

OFFICIAL Ridesharing Partners
• Uber Philippines

GOLD Sponsors
• Crown Regency Hotel & Towers
• Jollibee

BRONZE Sponsors
• Huawei Philippines

DONOR Sponsors
• Krispy Kreme Philippines
• Greenwich Philippines
• Starbucks Philippines
• Memoriter Writing Services
• JKA Glass Enterprises
• JAVDERS – Cebu Projectors for Rent

• Cebu Bloggers’ Society

• Alvin Asayas Photography

• Cebu Fitness Blog
• Geemiz: Accounting Blog
• iJuander Cebu
• Almera Talks


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  • Wandering Ella November 10, 2016 at 3:05 am

    Congrats!! 🙂

    • Hannah Iway November 10, 2016 at 4:34 am

      Thanks Ella!