10 Dove Street SM Seaside Cebu – Mother and Daughter Date

January 29, 2018
10 Dove Street Cebu

Louise and I have our monthly mother-daughter dates every time we shop for groceries, on a weekday. But last December was something special because it was unplanned. I decided to go to SM Seaside on a Wednesday night, which is uncommon for me because I only go to malls every weekend. I just had a desire that day to start feeling the Christmas early and shop gradually for gifts.

Unlike our previous dates where we always end up dining at her favorite fastfood, this time we chose 10 Dove Street, a shop for  hand-baked cakes and pastries. Louise was the one who made the decision actually because she loves cakes.

10 DOve Street - SM Seaside Cebu (6)

10 DOve Street - SM Seaside Cebu (7)


Another thing that caught Louise’s eyes was the shop’s interiors, I mean just look at it, I even forgot for a minute or so that we’re in the Philippines. Honestly, I felt like I was in another country, Italy’s countryside perhaps, never been there but I based my judgement from what I’ve seen in romantic movies.

10 DOve Street - SM Seaside Cebu (1)


Looking at the cakes, choosing was easy for Louise. Like any kid, she preferred the chocolate flavored one which was called Chocolate Decadence.

10 DOve Street - SM Seaside Cebu (8)

10 DOve Street - SM Seaside Cebu (2)


We were dining there for dinner, and knowing Louise who doesn’t eat much, I only ordered their Southern Fried Chicken together with the cake. The chicken and gravy tasted OK but nothing special. As for the cake, Louise loved it but again for me, I didn’t like it that much, maybe because I’m used to eating moist chocolate cakes and it was a bit dry for me.

10 DOve Street - SM Seaside Cebu (3)


Overall, I still loved the place, it has a good ambiance.  We had our perfect mother-daughter bonding there, the place wasn’t crowded as well. I will definitely go back there together with Fred and Martina. When that time comes, I’ll surely try their other specialties. Below is their menu by the way.

10 DOve Street - SM Seaside Cebu (5)

10 DOve Street - SM Seaside Cebu (4)


For more information about 10 Dove Street, you can visit their Facebook Page here.
10 Dove Street Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  • Violetxplorer February 12, 2018 at 11:57 am

    Ang ganda and I would like to try to visit the place. Cake is 💕

    • Hannah Iway February 22, 2018 at 3:22 pm

      Yes, nice place indeed. Try it when you visit Cebu 🙂