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Off to the Beach? Check out Cebuana Mom’s tips on Taking Young Kids Along

April 16, 2016

Summer has just begun and we’re all as excited as our kids to breathe fresh air, lie on the beach and soak up the sun! As a mother of a preschooler, I know how difficult it is to bring kids along. A day at the beach is not always picture perfect, I’ve been there and I am always doing my best to keep good moments and make sure my Louise is safe and happy. I have listed below my tips, might not be complete for some but what can I do, I am a mother who doesn’t want to think/bring things too much (chuckle).


  • Sunscreen here and there

Enjoying under the sun is what we like when we’re at the beach but we all know how unhealthy it is to be exposed out there for hours. So first things first – bring along sunscreen and start applying!

mother and daughter applying sunscreen



  • Say Yes to protective clothing

Sunscreen is not enough mommies so if you’re planning to have some sun exposure for longer period, then consider letting your kids wear rash guards instead of the stylish one-piece or two-piece swimsuits for girls and swimming trunks for boys.

kid at the beach - bantayan island cebu


  • Get Some Sunshade

Picture-perfect sky and view happens when the sun is up and spreading heat everywhere. So while you enjoy taking photos and your kid playing with the sand, make sure you both have a shelter nearby where you can eat snacks, drink water and rest for a while.

kid at the beach - bantayan cebu


  • Let your Kid Play with Sand and Bring some Toys

Unlike us adults who easily get satisfied with the fresh air and stunning beach view, kids however love to play and stroll. Sand and beach toys are the perfect combination to keep them busy nearby so forget the issue of having sand in your towels or room, let them play with the sand!

kid playing with sand - bantayan cebu


  • Brings snacks, Don’t forget water

Of course, if you’re a parent, you should never forget these. Tantrums can happen anytime especially when kids are hungry so make sure you have their favorite food/drinks with you!

popsicles for the beach

Image Source:


  • Let your Kid Enjoy the Waves

For some kids, waves are scary. If your kid is not used to seeing waves then give him/her time to observe first. Later you’ll be seeing your little one jumping in and running on the shore.

Here’s my Louise by the way looking curious on the shore of Bantayan Island Cebu:


  • Capture memorable photos

Our kids grow fast and normally we’re only bringing them to the beach every summer. So aside from taking selfie and groupie, exert effort in taking great photos of your kid. Note that stolen shots are better. Trust me, you’ll be needing these photos when they get older!

Kid enjoying beach view


Kid enjoying the kayak


Kid enjoying pool water


  • Finish the Day seeing a Clean and Happy Kid

After the sand, waves and seawater, our kids will definitely need a shower after. Make sure you bring along with you your kid’s basic bath essentials such as body wash/soap, shampoo, powder and lotion. And if you’re staying overnight in a resort, his/her favorite pajama might add magic for a good night sleep!

well-rested child



Some of the tips above are applicable to other indoor and outdoor activities. While kids love the beach, they also might love inline skating, check out this gear for your little one.

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