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Older Kids Can Also Have Colic

March 25, 2019
Louise looking at the mountain

One thing I really appreciate when I started having a preschooler was the fact that my Louise is already capable of telling me when she’s in pain.  It was such relief by the time she started talking clearer and that I could understand her easier. When I hear words from her about the pain she’s feeling (Louise will say “Ouchie Mommy”), I can’t help but feel worried and exhausted. With tummy pain for example, it’s really hard to stay positive.

Colic or “kabag” in Filipino is a type of abdominal pain which is very common in infants but do you know that older kids can have it as well? Louise had experienced colic several times but thankfully, it wasn’t that bad. Still, it made her uncomfortable. Colic is quite frustrating also for us parents especially if our kids have already been crying for an hour or more at night. There were moments when Louise was supposed to be sleeping well but colic pain has woke her up.

Colic has many causes and the most common are:

1.your child’s tummy is not yet fully developed

2.your child has eaten quite a lot.

3.imbalance of bacteria in the gut

So what to do to manage colic?

Colic Treatment

  1. Massage the tummy – the most common treatment. I also did this before whenever Louise had constipation. Just move your hand in a clockwise direction to let trapped wind to move the right way.
  2. Pedal your child’s legs – If you’re looking for a relaxing and bonding activity, this one will do the trick. It’s also very effective in helping with the release of gas.
  3. Give a warm bath – Louise loves warm water so I don’t have a problem letting her have it any time of the day but if colic is triggered when she’s already in bed, placing a warm wet cloth on her tummy is also a soothing solution.

To avoid triggers of colic, choose milk with Lactobacillus Comfortis, a type of probiotic which makes the tummy stronger and helps in the proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. You can find L. Comfortis in NESTOGROW, a milk brand which is recommended for growing children and also the most affordable.

So far, within the months that Louise is drinking Nestogrow, she hasn’t experienced colic. We’ve done several travels in local places last year and few staycations, thankfully she’s always on-the-go. Even at school, no instances of tummy pain that can make her missed her classes. Whew! Glad she likes her milk and drinks it consistently every day.

While there’s no doubt that Nestogrow is a recommended growing up milk for kids 3-years-old and above and that it helps our kids to have a healthy tummy, it is still best to consult your health care practitioner if your child is experiencing colic.

For more details about Nestogrow contents and how it can help your child, visit their website at

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