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KIDSPORTS Newest Store Opens in Cebu

May 6, 2019

KidSports is the leading retailer of sporting footwear, apparel and accessories specifically tailored to fit children’s or young athletes’ requirements. They carry the latest styles from Nike, Adidas, UnderArmour, New Balance and more! The brand already has other stores located mostly in Metro Manila and one in Davao City. Just last May 1, they opened their newest store in Cebu which is located at Level 2, Ayala Center Cebu, The Alcove (New Wing Expansion).

Days before the opening, I let the kids see the KidSports website and when I told them that we’ll be visiting the new store, they both got really excited. Louise needed new P.E. shoes and Martina needed an easy-fasten pair of shoe, specifically those that use Velcro straps as recommended by her Nursery school. To shop at the newly opened store, I call it perfect timing indeed! Anyway, when we entered the store, one thing that caught my attention was their wide selection of shoes available for toddlers, kids and teens. They have pretty designs to choose from, Louise even had a hard time choosing.

Kidsports Cebu toddler shoes
Toddler shoes? KidSports has a lot!
kidsports shoes for kids
Pink shoes perfect for active little girls

Even though I am a mother of two girls, I still imagine them loving sports as they grow older. And when that time comes, I know for sure where to shop. May it be for soccer, basketball or volleyball, KidSports has enough stocks for you to choose from.

soccer and volleyball shoes
kidsports basketball shoes

Choosing for kids shoes was hard because of the many designs available but thankfully, Kidsports staff were very friendly and patient, they provided suggestions as well. In the end, the girls and I agreed to get them white pairs of shoes because well, they’re the most versatile shoes. The kids can wear them in school and they’re perfect also for the many hours of walking and running in malls, during travels and many more!

kidsports white shoes
Louise chose the Nike shoes and Martina got the New Balance shoes

Oh how great the kids look while wearing their new white shoes. Louise, Martina and Vania had fun shopping, they’re the first kids who got the latest sports shoes from KidSports in Cebu!

kidsports blogger kids

Check out our tour video of KidSports Cebu and see more of their products!

You can also shop for KidSports products online, visit their website for the complete list and prices For more of company updates and promos, KidSports Facebook Page is very much active, check it out.

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