Panglao Tropical Villas – Nice Bohol Resort for Family Bonding

May 11, 2016
illa Vidas - Panglao Tropical Villas

If you’re planning to go to Panglao, Bohol for a relaxing beach experience, you’ll definitely have lots of choices. I even had a terrible headache when I did the planning for our family vacation last January 2016. As it was scheduled right after Sinulog celebration here in Cebu, most of the beach resorts I contacted were fully booked already. This is because most of the tourists were heading directly to Bohol after witnessing the colorful religious festival.

Thinking of the budget, the location of the resort from the beach (I was looking for a place which is directly located in front of a beach) and of course, the one that can accommodate 9 adults and 2 children in one room/house, my hubby found one place – Panglao Tropical Villas.

The resort is located near the busy and famous Alona beach but it is actually a peaceful place.  It has a private ocean-front beach so you won’t see lots of tourists/travellers passing by. In short, Panglao Tropical Villas is not a crowded resort and if you want a peaceful retreat, it is the right place for you.

For our first night, it was only me, hubby and Louise staying there so we booked for their La Abella (Queen room).

Room details:

  • Occupancy – 2 Guests
  • Maximum Occupancy – 3 Guests
  • Rooms are all air conditioned
  • Furnished in native tradition
  • Shower with hot water
  • Cable TV and High speed Internet available
  • Your Choice Of Queen or Twin Bed

Off Season Rates (Queen Room)
Daily…………1,650 Pesos
Weekly………..9,900 Pesos

Off Season Rates (Twin Room)
Daily…………1,500 Pesos
Weekly………..9,000 Pesos

Additional occupants Php 450 each/night. Kids under 6 are FREE!

See below for our photos, we paid Php 1,650 for the room and it comes with FREE breakfast for two.

Front of La Abella - Panglao Tropical Villas

Front of our La Abella room and look, it has a playground!


Playground at Panglao Tropical Villas

Louise enjoying the slide all by herself…


Louise at Panglao Tropical Villas

Our bed inside our La Abella room


Beachfront of Panglao Tropical Villas

Beachfront of Panglao Tropical Villas


Front View of Panglao Tropical Villas Restaurant

Front View of Panglao Tropical Villas Restaurant


Louise at Panglao Tropical Villas

Well, she loved sitting here!

Iway Family at Panglao Tropical Villas

We ignored the heat just for this family photo.


Sunset at Panglao, Bohol

This is priceless – a view of the sunset at Panglao, Bohol.


For the second night, there were 11 of us including kids so obviously, we needed a bigger room that won’t cost us too much. We booked for their Villa Vidas, a large place where we can cook food. The resort has a restaurant but you can save much if you do the cooking, right?

Room Details:

  • Occupancy – 6 Guests
  • Maximum Occupancy – 10 Guests
  • All Bedrooms are all air conditioned
  • 3 bedrooms
  • Upstairs bathroom with Tub and Shower
  • Downstairs bathroom with Shower
  • Fully equipped Kitchen
  • Beautifully furnished
  • Large verandas
  • Cable TV and High speed Internet available
  • Excluding breakfast

Off Season Rates
Entire Villa – Daily …………7,200 Pesos
Entire Villa – Weekly ………..43,200 Pesos

Additional occupants Php 450 each per night. Kids under 6 are FREE!

There were 9 of us adults so we added Php 1,350 for the additional occupant rate, a total of Php 8,550. See below for our photos. One thing I loved about this place was the swimming pool just in front of the villa. We even owned it at night because the other guests were either in their rooms. When we checked out the beach at night though, it was too dark. Fred and I were planning to have a walk along the beach, like what we used to when we were still single but it was just too dark. No lamp post around and we didn’t want to bring phones.  Wish we had a reliable headlamp or flashlight with us that time though.

illa Vidas - Panglao Tropical Villas

Front of Villa Vidas. The whole place was ours for 1 night.


Panglao Tropical Villas Swimming Pool

View of the swimming pool


Villa Vidas Living Room - Panglao Tropical Villas

View of the living room, Louise owned this during our stay watching Disney Junior…


Villa Vidas Kitchen View - Panglao Tropical Villas

View of the kitchen


Villa Vidas Kitchen Area - Panglao Tropical Villas

And here’s the kitchen area, it has complete utensils and appliances needed for cooking and food storage.


Villa Vidas Bedroom Downstairs - Panglao Tropical Villas

Inside the bedroom downstairs. It has no TV but it’s only few steps away from the living room.


illa Vidas Bedroom1 Upstairs - Panglao Tropical Villas

Inside bedroom 1 upstairs. It has a TV and a balcony.


Villa Vidas Bedroom2 Downstairs - Panglao Tropical Villas

Inside bedroom 2 upstairs. It also has its own TV and a balcony.


Villa Vidas Bath tub Upstairs - Panglao Tropical Villas

Inside the bathroom upstairs.


Customer Service:

All-in-all, we were very satisfied with the place and the overall service of the staff. I was able to contact them easily from Cebu, no hassle with the deposit concerns also. We paid Php500 for the pick-up from Pier and the driver was very friendly. They even informed us beforehand that their restaurant is closed by noon so we bought food first before heading directly to the resort.


Panglao Tropical Villas details:


Contact Number: (038) 502 8190



Disclaimer: This is not a paid post, the views and opinions above are my own.



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    What a nice place to spend quality time with your family and at the same time enjoying fun summer vacation. I’ve been to Bohol once and I haven’t really got a chance in looking to this resort. Next time I will definitely include this to my itinerary, hopefully next summer. Thanks for this info by the way!!

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