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September 11, 2015

Fred and I love to do DIY stuff and it all started during our wedding preparation last 2011. We didn’t hire a coordinator, we worked on our own instead. We made our own guestbook, decorated our candles, etc. After 10 months of preparation, it was a success indeed.

Then we’re blessed with a lovely baby girl, 3rd birthdays passed already and we still do DIY party supplies for her special day. From loot bags, decorations to party hats, the happiness of being able to create those for our baby is immeasurable. Ecstatic of having a daughter,  I started making tutus and headbands for our cute Louise. After weeks of thinking, we decided to open our work to other people.

With the support of our families, we started accepting orders through our FB page Louise’s Cards and Crafts.

Louise's Cards and Crafts Logo


Our Services:

  • Wedding Invitations and giveaways
  • Christening Invitations and giveaways
  • Birthday Invitations and personalized party boxes/bags
  • Perfect for your princess during christening, birthdays, photoshoots, weddings and more!
    • Tutu dresses
    • Customized headbands
    • Barefoot Sandals
  • Mother-and-daughter, siblings-and-mother  headband sets.
  • Maternity Sash for pregnancy pictorials
  • Tarpaulin designs


louise projects
Me and Fred with our sample projects


Our model Louise
Our model Louise


I will be sharing our work in this blog. For inquiries and orders, contact us through our FB page.

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