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Our Second Baby’s Birth Story

June 29, 2016
Newborn baby first photo

It’s been almost 4 years since I gave birth to our first baby and I honestly forgot how real contractions feel like. Since week 33, I started having several contractions in a day. Every time a nurse or doctor would ask me to rate the pain, from 1-10, 10 being the most painful, I always say it’s 5. Some mothers might laugh on this figure knowing I’m far from labor yet but like I said, I forgot and 5 is painful for me already. I knew they’re just Braxton Hicks but the frequency was a bit not normal as well. So to avoid possible preterm labor, doctors gave me medicine and I was put to bed rest by week 35. I was a bit hardheaded though, I did not really stay in bed, I was doing more like a house arrest instead. What can I do, I have a 3-year old daughter who always wants to catch my attention and I love her that way.

Then week 36 came and I was 1-2cm dilated already. Oh boy, I really thought our baby will come out early. Almost every mother I know said that second one would come out easier. However, I guess this wasn’t the case for me. Week 37 came and nothing happened, I was still 2cm dilated. I went home disappointed because I was hoping I would give birth that week. I know 37 weeks is still early but believe me, my belly’s too big and I feel so heavy already, I was just so done being pregnant.

So on my 38th week checkup on May 28, 2016, before seeing the doctor, Fred and I had a very long walk. I honestly didn’t want to go home still pregnant that day. And then moment of truth came, doctor checked my cervix and she said I was 4cm dilated. Hooray!!!! She said my belly’s too big (I totally agreed!) and it would be best to go to the labor room, to check whether I can be admitted that day or wait for my labor pains at home. I definitely prayed for the first option to happen and God’s really good, I was admitted at 12 noon of May 28, 2016.

The doctors also wanted me to give birth that same day so they gave me medicines to help with the dilation of my cervix. I was having several mild contractions already, about 6 minutes apart but night came and I was only 5cm dilated. Midnight came and nothing happened, I was still pregnant! So it was May 29, 2016, and I was looking forward for another IE (internal examination). So ironic because I hate IE, it’s just too painful for me. But for the sake of giving birth and finally seeing my baby, I didn’t care much about the pains anymore. When doctors checked my cervix in the morning, I was still 5cm dilated. It was really frustrating, I mean I’ve been there for 18 hours and still no baby in my arms!

By 1PM, doctors gave me oxytocin and I think that was the start of my agony. I started having strong contractions, about 3 minutes apart and that situation lasted for I think 5 hours. Like I said in the first part of my article, I forgot how real contractions feel like. So during that 5 hours, I really thought I’m ready to give birth, like I was already 10cm dilated and my baby’s finally engaged. Sadly, the truth was I’m only 6cm dilated that time and it was just the beginning of real labor pains. Whew!

Now here’s my situation and you might laugh at me on this one. I remember there was another woman in labor that afternoon, she’s in the other room but I can hear her moaning from my bed. I proudly shared to the medical staff assigned to me that when I was in labor with my first baby, I wasn’t that noisy. I expected something like that to happen but again, I was wrong. At 6:45 PM, I started feeling the urge to push but doctors said it’s still not the time because I was only 7cm dilated. So what else can I do??? I tried not to push but the urge and contractions were getting stronger and more painful and I was left with no choice but to moan and scream. Funny right? What’s even funnier was the punching I did to the wall and to the table beside me. And oh, I even grabbed the arm of the medical staff just so he can massage my back while I was punching the table! Honestly, I am smiling while typing right now. I really looked and sounded like a woman who would give birth for the first time! Haha!

Anyway, that scene lasted for more than 1 hour (insane right?) and at 8:00 PM, I was already 9cm dilated. My water broke and the doctors finally let me practice pushing so my baby would go down. At 8:30, I dilated to 10cm and finally, it’s time to go to the delivery room. Yehey, bring it on – I said to myself! I remember saying this to myself also when I gave birth to Louise but I had Fred that time beside me in the delivery room. This time around, we weren’t able to get the assigned doctor’s approval on time so I was all by myself while Fred’s just waiting in our room (lucky him!).

In the delivery room, I got more frustrated when the doctor said my baby went up and that I have to push more again to let her go down. I can’t remember how many times I push, I just looked at the clock. There was a point I felt like giving up but thankfully at 8:42 PM, my baby finally came out! That very moment, I felt like it was all just a dream. I kept saying to myself that my baby’s finally here. She was then put on my breast, I then checked her fingers and toes and all parts of her body, thankfully all are ok! The nurses took her away for some cleaning and measuring and then I remember asking why she’s not crying hard. I don’t know what the nurse did but I remember her saying “Oh requested by mommy” and then my baby cried hard, it was such a relief! I’m so glad it’s over!  Of course, I thank God for guiding me all throughout my pregnancy and delivery. Fred and I were trying to have our second baby for 10 months and finally, she’s here! Everyone, meet Martina Bryleigh!

Newborn baby first photo


Look how big she is, weighing 3.35 kgs.!

Newborn Baby - Martina

Louise was just very excited to meet her little sister so she didn’t wait for us to go home just to meet our new baby. She visited us in the hospital and look at her big smile (it’s obvious that I’m still very tired in this photo)!

Louise meeting Martina for the first time


Fred’s so happy also, I wonder what he did in the hospital room for 38 hours while waiting for me. Hmmm…

Daddy Fred meets Martina


Home at last! Here’s our first family photo, so unplanned and Louise was crying here. Reason? She loves her baby sister so much that she wanted to be with her inside the crib as well. Sorry Louise, you’re too big for the crib now!

First family photo of 4




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